4most bench system office furniture

4most is available in “bench” format, in multifunctional shared workstations that are operational straight away, for immediate connection. desktop, integrated cable management, a raised storage rail – everything is designed to be immediately operational. the bench is an ideal strategic solution for hot-desking areas, nomad functions or trading rooms. tables with 120 x 165 cm rectangular desktops. configurations set up with tables of 120 x 70 cm being placed face to face and a central top-access 25 cm deep. set of 2 end tables with “arched” exterior legs, and set of 2 adjoining tables with offset arched connecting legs.


• desktops: 25 mm thick HPC in 5 finishes only : beech, Light oak, French apple, Pear, and White). removable top-access cover in translucent polycarbonate.
•  structure: open-sided sheet steel supporting beam. Fixed to the desktop by means of screws and metal inserts. 2 finishes : Aluminium and graphite grey.
•  Legs: “arched” tubular steel legs of triangular section, fixed. shared legs. stabilizer feet, adjustable through 25 mm. 2 finishes : Aluminium and graphite grey.
• cable management: horizontal cable management in the large capacity central cable through for wires and multi sockets (easy access by removing the top-access cover), and vertical cable management via optional twin channel articulated vertebral cable holder.
• screen rails: rectangular 28 mm thick metal framework in an aluminium finish, width 120 cm, height 40 cm. Available with 2 designs : fabric-covered filler panels (2 colours from stock, 10 colours on request), or with altuglass panels in a diffuse white finish. rail-screens are fitted with a double rail to house flat screen monitors, office lamps or functional accessories.