Adria Modular Office Furniture

Adria 2 Modular Office Furniture

“Our lowest priced modular range”

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Adria embodies most of the features of Domino but with a more dynamic aesthetic. The range is designed to respond to most office planning requirements and is particularly suitable as a systems workstation. 

Cantilever legged system 
4 desk top colours 
Integral cable management 
25mm thick top 
4 top colours 
2 leg colours 

Adjustable Height Leg option available

Adria is a highly flexible, adjustable and easy to understand range of systems office furniture with a degree of mobility designed for today’s fast moving workaday world. 
Key features are the obvious cable management, desktop access via portholes. 4 choices of top finish and two leg finishes. 


  • DESKTOPS * Made of particle board with melamine surface coating on the top and underside (thickness 25 mm, density 650 Kg/m3).
  • * Straight front, rear and side edges in ABS, (thickness 2mm), in the same finish as the desktop.
  • * Fixed onto the structure by means of screws and metal inserts.
  • STRUCTURE * Structural modesty panels in melamine-faced board or metal. Stability is provided by the way in which the desktop, legs and modesty panel fit together.
  • LEGS Fixed, for desk height 720mm
  •  * They are C-shaped and comprise the following components:
  • 1) Base in oval aluminium tube (60 mm x 35 mm, thickness 2 mm) with end trim in coloured in the mass ABS.
  • 2) Upper horizontal section in steel angle (width 680mm, thickness 4 mm) for fixing the legs to the desktop.
  • Upright comprising:
  • 2 interior brackets in steel tube (40mm x 20mm, thickness 2 mm) 1 covering panel in curved steel sheet (thickness 0.8 mm).
  •  These three components are welded together in order to achieve maximum leg stability
  • * Stabiliser feet (༺ 54 mm) made of injected plastic. Adjustment range 15 mm.
  • CABLING * Vertical cable management:
    • Via an articulated vertebral cable holder with counter balance in the lower section, which can be placed at any point under the workstation.
  • Horizontal cable management:
    • Via a metallic, U-shaped trough in steel sheet (thickness 0.8 mm) that can be attached to the modesty panel. Can accommodate multiple electric sockets.
  •   Overall dimensions (width x height x depth): 400 x 74 x 111; usable dimensions: 400 x 93 x 110 (under desktop)
  • MODESTY PANELS 2 versions: In melamine-faced board or metal.
  • These are not optional, as they contribute to the structural stability of the unit.
  • a) Melamine
  • * Made of particle board with melamine surface coating (thickness 20 mm). All 4 edges in melamine (thickness 0.4 mm)
  • * Fixed to the legs by means of 4 inserts and metal brackets.
  • * Plastic support beam providing stability for the desktop and allowing cables to be routed between the desktop and the modesty panel. Height 40 mm.
  • – Total height under desktop : 290 mm.
  • – Height of modesty panel : 250 mm.
  • b) Metallic
  • Made of folded steel sheet (thickness 0.8 mm).
  • Fixed to the legs by means of 4 metal screws.
  • Metallic modesty panels strengthen the desktops and have 2 cable ports at each side for routing cables (width 63 x height 42 mm, radius 30 mm).
  • The lower inside edge of the modesty panel is folded into a wide trough (depth 40 x height 30 mm).
  • – Height of modesty panel (and height under the desktop): 325 mm.


     * Degreasing, phosphating, non chromic passivation,
     epoxy polyester paint, 80 to 100 microns.


  • * Extremely rapid and simple assembly using metal screws; complete stability guaranteed.
  •  * Average time taken to unpack and assemble a desk 160
     x 80 cm approximately 10 minutes.
  •  * Supplied with all fixings and full assembly instructions.


  • MODESTY PANELS * Cardboard carton with polystyrene DD30 protection around the whole perimeter
  • LEGS * Cardboard box + individually shrink-wrapped.

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