All Purposes Shelving

Shelving for a wide range of applications

Speedrax HD All Purpose Shelving is a wide access shelving system that offers the facility of chipboard shelves on spans from 1500mm to 2400mm. Uprights are produced from cold rolled 2mm steel strip to BS 1449. The unequal upright profile measures 42mm x 55mm. The 40mm slot pattern for beam and side brace connection is accessed from the reverse side of the upright, allowing adjustment when bays are joined together.
The main components of Speedrax HD are posts, beams and side braces (which locate on the frames by means of a simple but secure and effective connector), beam ties and chipboard shelves. The maximum bay load for Speedax HD is a massive 4250kg with beams at 1000mm centres and a maximum shelf load of 700kg (uniformly distributed load) for a 1500mm wide bay.

Speedrax Wide Access Shelving

Speedrax MD is the short span option with bay widths of 900mm and 1200mm comprising posts, beams, side beams and chipboard shelves. Both widths have exceedingly high shelf and bay loadings. The maximum bay load for Speedax MD is an impressive 3000kg with beams at 1000mm centres and a maximum shelf load of 350kg (uniformly distributed load) for a 1200mm wide bay and 375kg (uniformly distributed load) for a 900mm wide bay.

Speedrax Short-span Shelving

Document Storage

Combined with document storage boxes, Speedrax is the perfect solution for archival storage in a wide variety of market sectors including financial institutions, archives, data management companies, schools and museums

Speedrax Document Bays


Speedrax HD and MD All Purpose Shelving are equally useful as an economically priced bench system. A wide range of styles and sizes are available suitable for use in packing departments, workshops and assembly areas.

Speedrax Benches


Speedrax Combi-Stor is a successful interface between short-span MD shelving and Metabin Stack & Store containers. The unit comprises a 2080mm x 1200mm x 450mm bay with six shelves and 15 No. 32 ltr containers measuring 485mm x 360mm x 250mm. Ideal for schools, hospitals and sports clubs; in fact they are invaluable in most storage areas.

Speedrax Combi-Stor



For the storage of paints, chemicals and liquids in general, Speedrax MD with galvanised steel shelves is the most appropriate option. Shelves can be inverted so that each storage level has an upstand on all four sides. The maximum bay load for Speedax MD with galvanised shelves is 2000kg with a maximum shelf load of 125kg (uniformly distributed load).

Speedrax with Galvanised Steel Shelves

Garment Hanging

A simple but ingenious solution for the storage of flat-pack and hanging garments. The base shelf is a standard chipboard shelf for boxed items, the hanging rails are simply inverted beams. Beams can be returned to conventional orientation and used with chipboard shelves. The ratio of hanging levels to flat shelf levels is infinitely variable; as stock levels fluctuate, so can the shelving.

Speedrax Garment Hanging Bays

As an ISO 9001 accredited company and a founder member of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (S.E.M.A.) metalraxstorage promote and adhere to the design standards set out in the Association’s Interim Code of Practice for low-rise static shelving shelving.

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