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Amazon pay for Merlin Industrial

Amazon pay for Merlin Industrial has just been added to the main site and is live as of now.  This gives the prominent UK only  industrial shop a plethora of purchasing options. Payment choice helps to give the user confidence that their important bank or card data is not being stored insecurely.

As well as Amazon Pay Amazon Pay LogoAs well as Amazon Pay, Merlin Industrial offer a purchase order system for all of their account customers, allowing many 24 hour businesses to order as and when it is easier for them. WorldPay is another secure payment provider commonly used for a wide range of credit and debit cards.

Worldpay logoPayPal is another popular payment provider with the added bonus of protecting customers with additional order security.

Merlin Industrial can also be paid via the following link; logoWhilst Merlin Industrial can still offer credit card payment over the phone, they would always recommend that you use one of the secure payment providers to protect your data as mush as possible.