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Do Forklift attachments need to be certified and tested? June 10th 2021

Yes, forklift attachments, forks and extensions need to be professionally inspected for safety every 6 months.
Get a thorough examination, Our trained Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS) Inspector attends your site and inspects your lifting equipment. They will check:

• The operation of equipment
• If it’s fit for purpose
• Assess wear and tear
• Look for faults
• Check the safety

The inspector leaves you with a report of thorough examination. It will include the next inspection date, as required under LOLER, and details of any repair or maintenance work.

ARRANGE YOURS through your local supplier or contact Merlin Industrial Products


Raw Materials Update June 2021

We are getting frequent updates, as below regarding raw materials for manufacturing and price rises monthly.  As you can imaging this has put a lot of strain on our web technicians to keep the shop updated. This is making it very difficult for customers needing to budget for projects in 6 months to a year.

This communication concerns the runaway costs of raw materials, and the knock-on effects caused by the collapse in the organisational capabilities of supply chains across the market.

As you may well know, the cost of raw materials that are overwhelmingly used in the production of office furniture products have skyrocketed. To name but a few examples, the cost of steel has increased by +50% since January this year, wood products by +30%, and foam and plastics by +25%.

Shortages in the supply of raw materials are further compounding this problem by increasing lead times that in some instances are multiplied by a factor of four for basic materials used in everyday production.

Friday 11th June 2021 Updates