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Carphone Warehouse True Story

A long time ago I decided, for coverage reasons to change my mobile phone from O2 to Orange.  My old phone was with Carphone Warehouse and the new phone is with Carphone Warehouse.  No problems there methinks.  The friendly staff at the Plymouth Carphone Warehouse said that I would need to inform them by writing for a Paq code, but not there, it had to be a special address! They also suggested with a conspiritorial wink that I sent it recorded delivery.  This I did on the 4th September.  Not hearing anything for 10 days I called and asked why the delay, they said that they had not had my letter so I stated the Royal Mail’s Proof of Delivery and they said that they still have not had it. I then was passed to several people and promised a call back.  The last message received was that I had already been issued a Paq code, though Carphone Warehouse had no log of a text message and I am sure I would have remembered a call, and that it had expired so I would need to start the procedure again.

The moral of this story is if you have lots of time to spare and do not mind being on hold for several hours then get a phone at Carphone Warehouse.  I’m still waiting……..

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