Colourful Bespoke Furniture

Please find a few of the previous designs that have been manufactured and supplied around the UK.

Specialising in wooden furniture we can provide you a quick and economical service whether you are a child care service or a University.

If you would like to know more or would like a price for something please contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.
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Broadwalk Shopping Centre Bristol

The shopping centre manager for the Broadwalk Shopping Centre in Bristol kindly sent us some images of their new recycle bins that were delivered recently.

701rec recycle bins

group of three steel recycle bins

To find our more about the bins you can travel here

Or to see the bins and the shopping centre visit here.

Mesh and Wire Storage

As we near the higher temperatures of the year it might be time to consider changing to mesh or wire lockers and cupboards.

Colourful wire mesh lockers

For the workplace they offer maximum ventilation for your personal items and also offer security.

Mesh door cabinets

With the new brighter colours the workplace cupboards and lockers can enhance an area.

Links to the web pages.

Wire Mesh Lockers

Mesh Door Cabinets

Railway Carriage Alcove Privacy Pods

Railway Carriage Alcove Seating Increase productivity and nurture top talent with the plug and play quiet spaces.
Fully relocatable pods with integrated technology for the agile worker

alcove privacy pod

Faster, easier and more popular than a meeting room.
Pre-wired meeting or quiet space pods that can be placed anywhere.
All change?
Simple, just dismantle and take it with you.
Popular at Trade shows for privacy and comfort.

railway carriage alcove pod

For more alcoves and pods visit the web page below.