Cleaning and Drying Machinery

From small individual pieces to factory automated cleaning and drying we can offer equipment manufactured here in the United Kingdom to assist your current and future plans for all sizes. Industrial cleaning and drying operations

Purpose designed and built units that offer a ecological solution without dangerous chemicals.

Safe and pollution free system for water removal

Q How does it work

By using tap water and pure water followed by hot air at reduced atmospheric pressure to produce stain free surfaces.

Without Trichloroethylene, sawdust or centrifuges

Q Extraction?

Not essential, only warm humid air produced.

Q Are special facilities are needed

None, runs off 240 volts single phase mains supply and tap water.

Q What are the running costs

Materials none, water and electricity only with an occasional recharge of water purifying cylinders.

Q What are the negatives

It takes longer than solvent dryers, typically 3 to 10 minutes per batch depending on the product shape, but the process is programmed so other jobs can be done whilst the drying sequence is in action.


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Spring Lift Trolleys

Last month we had an order from the Southampton football club but, when they came to collect the self-levelling trolleys they would not fit into their van so we supplied them a smaller model.

Normally our lead time is 6 to 8 weeks but if you need some quickly we have 3 of the following in stock whilst they remain unsold.

Set up for laundry though we could change the spring compression if needed.


Heating Pipes

Heated Blankets For Pipes from Kuhlmann Electro-Heat Pipe Systems are designed for fast and securely curing and joining PE & GRE Pipes but they can also be used in a variety of other purposes (ie. curing GRP, GFRP, RTR and FRP). Designed to save time and money curing plastic pipes.

heating blankets for pipes 600px

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat Pipe Systems are designed for fast and securely curing and joining PE & GRE Pipes but is also used in a variety of other purposes (i.e.. curing GRP, GFRP, RTR and FRP).

This pipe curing blankets are designed in durable but flexible and light material with the ability of heating to a maximum temperature of 180°C. This blanket is without insulation which results in perfect contact and even heat spreading to the PE (Polyethylene) or GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) pipes.

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat Pipe blankets comes installed with either a bi-metal limiter (180°C) or PT100 sensor (which requires a separate temperature controller).

Our heating blankets are available in many standard sizes with different output, which can be seen in the following specification. If a custom size and / or output is wanted, we are of course also able to deliver this. Contact us for more details as well as for delivery.

These pipe curing blankets will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to joining and curing both PE and GRE pipes.

Technical specifications:

  • Optimal curing of the composite materials, carbon, and epoxy prepreg.
  • Available with PT100 sensor or bi-metallic limiter (0-180°C).
  • 1 meter power cord.
  • Many sizes in stock.
  • Special sizes produced upon request.
heating blankets for pipes 800px

Available with UK plugs from Merlin Industrial – 220 Volts

Product Code   Size Metric & Imperial      Power   Temperature
18-2455A110-595mm (3-4″ pipe)250WPT100 Sensor
18-2456140-950mm (6-8″ pipe)285WBuilt-in limiter 160°C
18-2456A140-950mm (6-8″ pipe)285WPT100 Sensor
18-2457200-1400mm (10-12″ pipe)950WBuilt-in limiter 180°C
18-2457A200-1400mm (10-12″ pipe)950WPT100 Sensor
18-2458250-1780mm (14-16″ pipe)1460WBuilt-in limiter 180°C
18-2458A250-1780mm (14-16″ pipe)1460WPT100 Sensor
18-2459250-2180mm (18-20″ pipe)1850WBuilt-in limiter 180°C
18-2459A250-2180mm (18-20″ pipe)1850WPT100 Sensor
18-2461250-3120mm (28-32″ pipe)2700WBuilt-in limiter 180°C
18-2462250-3300mm (32-36″ pipe)1680WBuilt-in limiter 180°C
18-2463250-3670mm (36-40″ pipe)3200WBuilt-in limiter 180°C

This product is designed for:

  • Curing and joining pipes
  • Curing pipes
  • Curing Epoxy
  • Curing glass reinforced epoxy (GRE)
  • Curing glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Curing glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP)
  • Curing Reinforced Thermosetting Resin (RTR)
  • Curing Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)

Amongst others:

  • Construction Industry

Counting down to the Stock Take

The annual stock checking period is arriving in the near future depending on your companies end of year date.

To help with the counting of a wide range of parts why not consider a counting scale?

With several ranges available please contact Merlin Industrial for more information.

Counting system

With this highly-accurate counting system KERN CCS you can replace a large spectrum of individual counting scales

Reference scale KERN CFS:
This professional KERN CFS counting scale, which can also be used as a stand-alone scale, meets the highest demands for accuracy, weighing range and volume of items, by beeing connected to a high-capacity weighing bridge

  • Programmable using numerical key pad:
    • – required reference quantity
    • – known reference weight
  • Three displays for total weight, piece weight, total quantity
  • Memory (PLU) for 100 items with additional text
  • Fill-to-target function: Programmable target weight. An acoustic and visual signal will be displayed when the target value is reached
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the averag piece weight value

Quantity scale KERN KFP:
The high-accuracy quantity counting takes place on the weighing platform (= weighing bridge) KERN CCS. In this way even the smallest of parts can be counted in large volumes

  • Stainless steel platform, painted steel base
  • Aluminium singlepoint load cell (1 x 3000 e), IP65 protection

delivery for models with [Max] ? 600kg: 5 working days (Freight forwarder)

Happy New Year 2019

Welcome to 2019 the year of the Brexit and all it entails, that is if it finally happens!

We are all back and ready for the new enquiries and orders and hope to have a big surprise at the end of the month which will make everything a lot faster and even easier to use. If you can think of any improvements that we can make that will make your life easier (merlin related!) then let us know and, for every change made we will send a quality Merlin T-Shirt as a thank you.

As usual the main website continues to update information with updates to products and prices for 2019.

Have an excellent year from everyone at Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.

Oh and stay warm.

heating blankets for industrial use