Pvc Curtains

PVC/Plastic Strip Curtains & PVC Strip doors

All Safety Screens bulk roll products are extruded with rounded edges and are manufactured from self-extinguishing flexible PVC, which will not support combustion.

Our PVC/Plastic strip curtains offer a high degree of clarity that ensures clear visibility to and from your working area. Each bulk roll is individually wrapped with a strong plastic inner core for shape retention.

Our PVC Strip Doors offer the most economical solutions to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.

For refrigeration purposes we offer our Super Cold PVC Strip which will remain unaffected in temperatures as low as -45 degrees.

We stock a complete range of associated components sutiable for ‘Hook on’ and ‘Bolt on’ type fixings, including our Multi-Fit polycarbonate hanging plates.

Safety Screens have no minimum order requirement for part, bulk roll, fully assembled curtain quantities and we operate a nationwide fitting service.

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Allibert anyone?

As a main Allibert dealer we have frequent visits with their technical staff. Today we learned that Allibert have been offered up for sale by their current American owners Buckhorn part of the large Myers group of companies.

Business is as normal as it may take sometime for a new buyer to come forward and, even then the new buyers would want to spend some time getting to know the plastic container business. Arca systems have recently been bought out and they have extended their range, Linpac aquired the Paxton company and from what we have been told are also up for sale.

Lots happening so stay tuned or give us a call..

Storage & Handling Catalogue approved

Received the PDF showing the final artwork for our new Storage and Handling catalogue due sometime next month. Please contact us if you would like a copy as they are sure to fly off our shelving with their bright red cover!

Also in Today’s post.. Server transfer has gone ahead with no apparent problems, no dropped emails and the shop sites using databases seem to be functioning ok, way to go Namesco.

Office Furniture is very popular at the moment and we welcome a new customer today from Dunoon in Scotland GT Insulations, your furniture will be installed in two weeks time and we look forward to your comments.

Back to work

Finished my holiday in France and back in the office. Some interesting new canteen furniture from Bellini to look at and, hopefully appear on the websites shortly. Namesco are moving seven of our sites over to a new server tomorrow so there may be a gap of an hour when we cannot email a reply. George’s nice flatscreen monitor has blown a cold cathode tube and is being buried today during a small private funeral, please send money not flowers so that we can get him a new one.

Tuesday 8th August 2006

The office is running smoothly whilst the boss is relaxing in sunny France. George most put out for the fact the boss changed his cosy airiated chair over the weekend  for a grubby typist chair, obviously he is now a content man (for today anyway).


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