Special Offers

Special Offers
Please check monthly to see if the Special Offer is of interest.
Alternatively let us know what you would like a special offer on and we will do our best to impress.
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297013   5 Star Punched Pocket A4 [Pack 100] 5 Star Punched Pocket A4 [Pack 100] £2.06
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39793X   5 Star Value Copier Paper White A4 80gsm [Pack 500] 5 Star Value Copier Paper White A4 80gsm [Pack 500] £3.44
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002966   Concord Subject Dividers 5-Part A4 Ref 71199 [Pack 50] Concord Subject Dividers 5-Part A4 Ref 71199 [Pack 50] £14.09
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Merlin’s Radio Jingle now Online

The famous Merlin Radio Jingle from the 1990’s has been digitally remastered and is now linked from our Industrial Storage and Handling Equipment site at www.merlin-industrial.com
To hear Merlin click >> Here
Some of our local customers and staff, who know our Office Manager George Reed,
reckon that if he grew a beard he would be a dead ringer for the Old Wizard!
As soon as we can get him to put his robes back on we will post a picture and read your comments.

Affable Aardvark goes Widescreen

Our new Online shop at www.affableaardvark.com was restricted to a narrow screen. The narrow screen (750 pixels wide) meant that the catagory menu on the left hand side looked untidy.
As of this weekend AffableAardvark is now as wide as your screen and all the product pictures are displayed with plenty of room inbetween.
Please see the main menu below;

The new Home office furniture has also been added today and can be reached by clicking on the furniture link and then home office.

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205008.com Dusted and Optimised

The main office furniture site www.205008.com has been streamlined. Images now all have ALT text to comply with the new disability acts and over 200 pages have been checked for bad links and spelling mistakes.
We are often asked why 205008.com?
Our telephone number is 01752 205008 + who likes long e-mail addresses? we do not either so we just have sadie@205008.com etc.

The site has also been constructed to take advantage of the Broadband revolution so that, for example, the contract furniture ranges have thumbnail image links to much larger images for those with faster connections. Fast Food Canteen furniture link below.

>> Please click here for an example

If you are in the area our new seating showroom is now ready for visitors. Please give us a call so that someone is available to take you around and show you where all the knobs are.

Please click below for a map.
Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

Time to Fan yourselves

We are due to get Air conditioning in 3 to 4 weeks, just in time for the artic freeze! Until then we have fans positioned strategically all over the office.

Dale (Senior Sales Person) has a big one under her desk and says it works for her.
>> If you would like a shiny one click here
PS The local Icecream factory has closed down so anyone passing with an excess of Choc ices will be greeted Warmly by the office staff..

Smoking Shelters are very popular

Smoking Shelters
(Installation now available)

Legislation and a new code of practice are expected to implement a total ban on smoking in the workplace. In a large number of organisations that have a no smoking policy, employees who do smoke tend to find themselves relegated to smoking ‘off site’. This is often at the front of buildings and around entrances and exits. Unsightly discarded smoker’s litter is usually the result, with people huddled together against the elements. These smoking shelters enable employers to provide a designated smoking environment in a protected and controlled area, away from the main corporate entrance or exit.
smoking shelter with perch seat and ash stand
The design of these smoking shelters enables easy access and egress. Open areas at the base and below the roof line allows for the rapid dispersal of cigarette fumes for the smokers comfort. The photograph below shows a shelter with the optional decorated steel rear panel. Site surveys and Installation service is also available. Please note the new Curvy model at the bottom of the page.

New Look Smoking Shelter for 2005
Designed to withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it, the smoking shelter shown below is also designed to look good as well. The new smoking shelter has a more curved contemporary design than the model above, and is designed to blend into traditional and modern environments.
New Curvy smoking shelter for the United Kingdom
Constructed from a powder coated steel frame.
Choice of transparent veralite or powder coated steel side panels.
Adjustable levelling feet for surface fixing or grouting.
All shelters are 2250 mm high x 3000 mm wide x 2100 mm deep.
Extension units available.