Updates for Week ending 24th May 2019

As well as the usual updates and new products as shown below Merlin have now added over 12,000 popular products to this blog. All of the industrial products offer discounted prices and can be purchased online or via account.

A sample of some of the access equipment available on the new Merlinblog.com E-shop.


HBC003 Easy Action Safety Steps 3 Treads Cupped Feet

£289.20 £212.81 Excl. VAT

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HBC004 Easy Action Safety Steps 4 Treads Cupped Feet

£319.20 £235.56 Excl. VAT

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HBC005 Easy Action Safety Steps 5 Treads Cupped Feet

£367.20 £271.96 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 10 Tread

£772.80 £598.00 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 11 Tread

£847.06 £655.46 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 12 Tread

£926.02 £717.00 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 13 Tread

£1,139.21 £882.00Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 14 Tread

£1,262.02 £977.00Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 2 Tread

£281.40 £218.00 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 3 Tread

£310.97 £241.00 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 4 Tread

£367.42 £285.00 Excl. VAT

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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps 5 Tread

£404.04 £313.00 Excl. VAT

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Galvanised Pallet Trucks

Galvanised Pallet Trucks are steel pallet trucks that have been dipped and coated to prevent rust and to offer extended durability in damp and corrosive atmospheres normally toxic to steel pallet trucks.

vulcan galvanised pallet trucks

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Speedy Scaffold Towers

Speedy scaffold towers allow for each project to be individually catered for so that depending on the platform height required you can just use the minimum scaffolding required and easily add more sections as the work progresses. Available in 4 packs and can be installed quickly and transported easily.

Modular Scaffold Towers

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Industrial Scaffold Towers

Our range of Trade & industrial grade scaffold towers include 3T compliant towers that comply fully with the Working at Height Regulations (2005). The 3T method of erecting a scaffold tower involves erecting the scaffold tower in sequence by accessing the next level via the trapdoor and fitting the braces above whilst in a ‘sitting position’. Once in place these braces offer sufficient protection to begin attaching the frames to the next level and so on.


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Merlin online shops

Merlin Industrial Products have been operating secure online shops for decades and have the experience to help you find the right industrial product quickly and, at a competitive price.

This week, as well as the main industrial shop at merlin-industrial.com

Main Shop Categories

We now have a wide range of stocked safety products on our main website. merlin-industrial.co.uk

Spring Lift Trolleys

Last month we had an order from the Southampton football club but, when they came to collect the self-levelling trolleys they would not fit into their van so we supplied them a smaller model.

Normally our lead time is 6 to 8 weeks but if you need some quickly we have 3 of the following in stock whilst they remain unsold.

Set up for laundry though we could change the spring compression if needed.


Meddings Machine Tools

For your free registration please visit here

MACH 2018 for Meddings Machine Tools.

MACH is the UK’s premier event for engineering-based manufacturing technologies. Taking place from 9-13 April 2018, MACH is poised to be the destination of choice for engineers and manufacturers, bringing together the best of UK manufacturing under one roof. With over 25,000 visitors across a 5 day period, a vibrant seminar programme and unrivalled networking opportunities MACH showcases the heart of UK advanced Engineering.

MACH 2018 show

Workbenches Online Shop

The new online shop for Merlin Industrial Products Ltd now has a popular workbench section with steel, wood and stainless steel workbenches suitable for keen DIY’ers and Engineers and Mechanics. Please see a selection of the Special Offers below and all links go to the online shop at https://merlin-industrial.com/



Workbench Steel 2mtr with 1 Drawer


£405.56 Inc VAT £486.67

3 Drawer Unit for AP10 & AP30 Series Benches


£146.21 Inc VAT £175.45

Stainless Steel Workbench 2.1mtr


£255.80 Inc VAT £306.96

Foldable Workstation with Cupboards


£155.96 Inc VAT £187.15

Back Panel for Heavy-Duty Workbenches


£49.88 Inc VAT £59.86

Workbench with 5 Drawers Ball Bearing Slides Heavy-Duty


£332.63 Inc VAT £399.16

Workbench with Cupboard Heavy-Duty


£251.51 Inc VAT £301.81

Workstation with 6 Drawers & Open Storage


£543.62 Inc VAT £652.35

Workstation with 3 Drawers & 2 Cupboards


£486.68 Inc VAT £584.02

Workstation with 3 Drawers, 1 Cupboard & Open Storage


 £470.69 Inc VAT £564.83

Workstation with 2 Drawers, 2 Cupboards & Open Storage


£446.12 Inc VAT £535.35

Stainless Steel Workbench 1.8mtr


£215.24 Inc VAT £258.29

Stainless Steel Workbench 1.5mtr


£189.50 Inc VAT £227.40

Workbench 1.53mtr Steel Wooden Top


£109.55 Inc VAT £131.46

Woodworking Bench 1.52mtr


£175.72 Inc VAT £210.87

Workstation with 3 Drawers & Cupboard


£405.56 Inc VAT £486.67

Workstation with 2 Drawers & 2 Cupboards


£389.57 Inc VAT £467.49

Workstation 1.2mtr with Drawers


£134.12 Inc VAT £160.95


Lightweight Folding Easytrolley

The clever folding trolley or easy trolley as it is also called is a German designed and manufactured lightweight folding trolley weighing in at just 7 kg with a capacity of 60 kg. Not only does the trolley fold but the container as well.


At the moment the trolley and container are on special offer though this cannot be guaranteed beyond the end of February 2018 as this is when the new price list is updated.

To order today visit the shop link at https://merlin-industrial.com/shop/easytrolley/


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