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Colleague too Noisy?

Noise levels too high in your workplace?


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  Acoustics and Sound Reduction
We can supply a wide range of screens with advanced acoustic properties, designed to control noise in your clients workplace. This is achieved using an integral Lamaphon acoustic core, which at 25mm absorbs 75% of all the sound that hits it and up to 90% when the thickness is increased to 40mm.

Noise reduction in the workplace not only reduces stress, it increases concentration and productivity.


Sound Absorption Coefficient Chart - NRC 0.75


Sound Absorption Coefficient Chart - NRC 0.90


The Lamaphon acoustic core – available in 25mm and 40mm thicknesses.

Screens at Work Lamaphon Acoustic Core



Screen 0.4
Wall mounted.

Screen System 0.4, Wall Mounted


Screen 1.4
Desk mounted.

Screen System 1.4, Desk Mounted


Screen 5.2
Floor standing.

Screen System 5.2, Cellular Office

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