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Counting down to the Stock Take

The annual stock checking period is arriving in the near future depending on your companies end of year date.

To help with the counting of a wide range of parts why not consider a counting scale?

With several ranges available please contact Merlin Industrial for more information.

Counting system

With this highly-accurate counting system KERN CCS you can replace a large spectrum of individual counting scales

Reference scale KERN CFS:
This professional KERN CFS counting scale, which can also be used as a stand-alone scale, meets the highest demands for accuracy, weighing range and volume of items, by beeing connected to a high-capacity weighing bridge

  • Programmable using numerical key pad:
    • – required reference quantity
    • – known reference weight
  • Three displays for total weight, piece weight, total quantity
  • Memory (PLU) for 100 items with additional text
  • Fill-to-target function: Programmable target weight. An acoustic and visual signal will be displayed when the target value is reached
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the averag piece weight value

Quantity scale KERN KFP:
The high-accuracy quantity counting takes place on the weighing platform (= weighing bridge) KERN CCS. In this way even the smallest of parts can be counted in large volumes

  • Stainless steel platform, painted steel base
  • Aluminium singlepoint load cell (1 x 3000 e), IP65 protection

delivery for models with [Max] ? 600kg: 5 working days (Freight forwarder)