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Damaging Childrens Backs

How important is your child’s back?
Have you been to the school and, like me had to sit on a small lump of plastic.  The older generation of school children do not fare any better as they are using hand me downs from the 1970’s.
Currently there are growing reports of children complaining of back and neck pain so what chance for a future of back pain if they are suffering at this early age?
The education system pumps all the current expenditure into technology , our daughter has a very impressive computerised whiteboard that has a computer screen projected on to it, and teachers salaries!
Unfortunately the seating and furniture has not moved forward at the same pace.
A couple of years ago we supplied Cornwall College with new seating and furniture.  At the customers request we used kitchen tops as they were the right height and supported the students when the had the urge to dance off the floor.
The seating met all current standards and several years on is still going strong.
Should we not be doing the same for the younger ones?

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