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Dams News

Just received a letter from the new Sales Director of Dams International long term manufacturer of ranges like Maestro, Directiv and Largo etc.
As most people know Dams has concentrated on the budget end of the market where, with the onslaught of Chinese furniture the margins are very low and it is important to get the quality right.
The new sales director is Alan Williams and we welcome him to the unenviable task of helping Dams adjust to the current market.  One of Alan’s first priorities is the following.

  1. Improved Product Packaging
  2. Additional Customer Service Training for Staff
  3. Quality Improvement programme for all products

I would suggest they also look at resellers selling the products at just above cost as this gives the responsible dealers (such as ourselves!) no margin for customer service and no incentive to carry on stocking and selling the Dams range.
We often have customer complaining that they have bought a desk from $%£”& and require assistance – to this we now answer Dams can be reached on 0151 548 7111.

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