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December 2021 update

December 2021 has been a busy month so far. As we get ready for this weekend’s staff party and race towards the end of 2021. The site has had several updates over the last week.

The web engineers are busy making sure that all posts and articles are easily readable and, where possible, integrated with the online store. New products such as the glass shelving compliment one of the largest shelving categories available in the United Kingdom. If you need additional storage, take a look or contact Merlin Industrial.

display shelving featured

Glass Shelving

Glass shelving is available in tempered glass or in acrylic, depending on your requirements. All the components are available so that you can build or modify your shelving requires as required.

1995 6 Safety Signs 200

Brochures and Documents

We have numerous Brochures and Documents that you can download or view as required, with nearly all of them available in PDF format so that they can be viewed across a wide range of computers, tablets, and phones. We love trees and the environment, so no more paper catalogues!

grey pigeon hole units

Wooden Pigeonhole Units

These wooden pigeonhole units are ideal for any busy office environment, pigeonhole units are available in either floor standing, cupboard or wall mounted. All storage systems are designed to various sizes. “A3” is available upon request.

Folding Laundry Trolley

Folding Laundry Trolleys

Merlin Industrial have various folding laundry trolleys, with ones in plastic and steel frames, that can be easily folded and stored away until required.  Such as guest changeover days. For areas that do not have large transfer rates, these are economical and perfect for guest houses and small hotels.

WTB16Z heavy duty workbench

Heavy-Duty Benches

Heavy-Duty benches with a wide range of storage options that are ideal for laboratory and educational purposes. All workbenches can be supplied with a 40 mm thick multiply beech worktop. Various storage drawers and cabinets available, making these the complete workshop solution.

display furniture

Display Furniture

As part of our display furniture section, we have poster display and signage products that can be wall mounted or freestanding. These display stands can be used for a wide range of information displays, such as posters for news and health & safety information. We also have a select range of glass display cases.

sbc604 pigeon hole storage

Steel Pigeonhole Storage

Steel pigeonhole storage systems offer an ideal way to store small parts and offer a dense storage system that can be easily labelled and identified. The metal pigeonhole systems we offer will provide many years of use as none of the components are easily worn by regular use and the cabinets are used from small… Read More »Steel Pigeonhole Storage

JACKING CASTORS different models

Jacking Castors

Jacking castors can be used to vary the height of a platform or piece of equipment between 75 and 200 mm, depending on the models shown below. The jacking castor can also be used to raise a platform off its feet so that it can be moved easily around your work space. Prices and Specifications… Read More »Jacking Castors

firezero lockers tested and certified

Fire Rated Steel Lockers

Fire rated steel lockers are available from a single door to six doors or tiers. Standard locker height is 1780 mm (70?) with a choice of depths and widths.  The standard carcass colour is grey though we have recently introduced the new black body range.  The doors come in a wide range of colours and… Read More »Fire Rated Steel Lockers

heating blankets for industrial use

Industrial Heating Blankets

Industrial Heating blankets are used in many industries, they are perfect for ground thawing, curing of materials like composites, repairing of wind rotor blades. The blankets are also used for altering the viscosity of liquids in the food industry. Production environments in both the marine and the aerospace industry and for areas exposed to the… Read More »Industrial Heating Blankets

workbench replacement tops

Workbench Tops

UK Manufactured workbench tops. These tops are supplied ready for fitting to an existing frame. The quality of the workmanship is reflected in the fact these are supplied to the three largest manufacturers in the workbench industry. We also have a range of very heavy industrial worktops with steel and wood finishes. Suitable for canteens… Read More »