Delivering to Central London just got more expensive!

We are being charged between £ 15.00 and £ 25.00 for deliveries to central London. Article below explains the reasons;

By Sky News SkyNews – Monday, February 4 04:06 pm

Hundreds of confused motorists have called the AA helpline following the introduction of new Low Emission Zone signs in London.

The signs flag up new laws which mean drivers of the highest polluting trucks and vans face paying fines of up to .‚£200-a-day.

The scheme is being launched to improve London’s air quality and other cities are watching to see if Mayor Ken Livingstone’s latest pay-as-you-drive scheme is a success.

AA president Edmund King said the signs did not make it clear the new rules did not affect cars.

“Some drivers may be worried to venture past the M25 as they don’t know what the LEZ is,” he said.

“Many seem to think it is linked to the Mayor’s plan to tax 4x4s more for congestion.”

Driver queries included: “Is this an extension of the congestion charge?”, “Does it mean beware of smog?”, and “Is it ok for asthma suffers to enter?”

Anyone driving through the capital in an older truck or lorry – at any time of the day or night, every day of the year – must now either ensure their vehicle meets specific emissions standards.

Initially, the Low Emission Zone rules apply to diesel-engine lorries weighing more than 12 tons, but soon other types of vehicles will be included.

From July, it will also cover all lorries exceeding 3.5 tons and buses and coaches, and by October 2010 large vans, minibuses and caravans will also have to upgrade, or pay.

Both personal and commercial use is included.

The LEZ does not apply to cars, motorcycles or small vans (under 1.205 tons in weight) and the zone covers all Greater London’s roads apart from the M25.

Those behind the new scheme say it is designed to improve the capital’s atmosphere by forcing the drivers of big, dirty vehicles to upgrade their engines to cleaner, more environmentally-friendly models.

Air quality in London is the worst in the UK – with a recent report by the Green Party finding poor air quality responsible for the deaths of 1,000 Londoners every year.

Transport for London says the scheme will cost around .‚£90m to implement, and it is estimated the LEZ could cost the motoring industry nearly .‚£330m.

Critics say the Mayor’s plan is simply an expensive, unworkable attempt to grab more money from London’s drivers.

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