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Doro Phones

We can now supply the Doro range of telecommunication products from the following website;

Market leading quality at every stage.

Doro’s quality measures maintain a very high standard. Quality is an important ingredient at every stage, which every employee pays great attention to. Top quality work is a crucial success parameter as Doro extends its product range into new areas.

Doro has a highly respected quality system and a number of Doro’s partners have also chosen to use Doro’s system. Timing is often critical in launching the types of product Doro expects to offer the market. Product lifecycles have in many cases become shorter, which might mean that a high level of quality is more difficult to maintain. Previous experience however means that Doro always puts quality first, and despite time often being in limited supply, it is rare that a product is delayed due to poor quality production.
Many suppliers mention the sharp focus Doro places on quality assurance throughout the production chain – from the product development stage, through manufacturing to retailers and end users. 23 people currently work with quality control at Doro. There are 7 Doro inspectors working in Asia who are in constant contact with manufacturers and who can respond quickly if required.

Focussing on a few key suppliers.

In recent years Doro has become more closely tied to its key suppliers in Asia. Awareness about what Doro and its customers expect today is a priority among manufacturers. To maintain high standards Doro also makes comprehensive checks every quarter on the quality levels at all of its suppliers. By meeting with the manufacturers’ management, project managers and quality assurance managers, processes and possible problems can be discussed.

All suppliers are currently measured against the following criteria:

  • Predicted level of customer returns.
  • Delivery control (fault deviation frequency)
  • Delivery precision.
  • Lead times.

All manufacturers are evaluated and ranked by Doro. In this way Doro and the manufacturers can see how they rank in quality control. The manufacturers that are ranked low are then encouraged to improve details that do not work optimally. Tying certain major suppliers closer makes quality work easier. Major suppliers to Doro know what demands are set, which thereby minimises the risk of products in new product areas falling below standard. Doro also often helps to identify faults in manufacturing processes in Asia. This provides an insight into the opportunities that exist to produce new products, but also to improve the manufacturing of existing products.

All suppliers are also closely monitored with regard to their social responsibility.

Doro has formulated a special declaration, which each supplier must sign. The demands that must be fulfilled include:

  • Ban on child labour and forced labour.
  • Ban on dangerous work.
  • Must meet labour market requirements for remuneration levels, working hours and working environment.
  • Must respect the labour market’s regulations concerning trade union membership.

Doro has a strong presence at the manufacturing units. All factory sites are visited regularly by both local quality control inspectors and by Doro’s European personnel.

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