Fast Food Canteen Units

Popular and long lasting our canteen units are normally delivered fully assembled and ready to use though where access is limited we can deliver flat packed at no extra cost.  The units can also be supplied with optional floor fixing kits to prevent any possible movement.  All of the table images below can be enlarged by just clicking on the picture.

Discounts available off the Price list (Download here)

Please take a not of the model below and contact us with the quantities required and we will send a written quotation by return, Free brochure available, please ask for Fast Food Units if required.

Please call 0845 124 9955 for the latest prices and information or use the Contact Us form if outside UK Office Hours

Wide Choice of Layouts;

Choice of layouts for Canteen Units
  • Complete dining units available with various seating options.
  • Wide choice of configurations.
  • Robust heavy gauge frame.
  • Wide range of tabletop, frame and bench finishes.
  • Two tabletop edge options available: laminated face and edge in any colour Formica Fundamentals laminate (as standard) or MDF bullnosed edge (optional extra)
  • Units can be floor fixed
  • 3 Year Guarantee.
  • Can be modified to suit Prisons, Disabled access and other Specialist needs
CU10 CU11 CU12 CU14
CU10 Canteen Units CU11 Canteen Unit CU12 Canteen Unit CU14 Canteen Unit
CU15 CU16 CU17 CU18
CU15 Canteen Unit CU16 Canteen Unit CU17 Canteen Unit CU18 Canteen Unit
CU19 CU20 CU21 CU22
CU19 Canteen Unit CU20 Fast Food Table CU21 fast food unit CU22 Fast food furniture
CU23 CU24 CU25 CU26
CU23 Fast food Table CU24 Fast Food Furniture CU25 Canteen Upholstered Unit CU26 Bench fast food unit
CU27 CU32 CU34 CU37
CU27 Steel Bench canteen unit CU32 Canteen Unit with seperator CU34 Upholstered Canteen Unit CU37 Picnic type fast food unit
CU38 CU39 CU40 CU41
CU38 Upholstered Bench Unit CU39 Two Tone Upholstered Bench Unit CU40 Plywood Bench Canteen Unit CU41 Picnic style fast food unit
CU42 CU43 CU44
CU42 Padded Bench Fast Food Table CU43 Modern Plastic seated fast food table and chairs CU44 Circular Plastic Seats Canteen Units

Formica Fundamental Laminates

colour traditional teak
Traditional Teak
colour sherwood oak
Sherwood Oak
colour japanese beech
Japanese Beech
colour dark mahogany
Dark Mahogany
colour quicksilver
colour frosty rag
Frosty Rag
colour royal navy grey
RN Grey
colour signal red
Signal Red
colour crocus yellow
Crocus Yellow
colour cream
colour racing green
Racing Green
colour royal blue
Royal Blue
If you cannot find a colour to meet your requirements, please contact our sales office and request our full range of 40 colours. Fundamental Laminate is heat resistant to a temperature of 365°F. It is easily cleaned using water and a mild household cream cleaner

Frame Finishes Epoxy Powder Coating (EPC)

colour brown
colour light grey
Lt Grey
colour dark grey
Dark Grey
dark blue
Dark Blue
hammer gold
Hammer Gold
hammer silver
Hammer Silver
hammer antique silver
Hammer Antique Silver
hammer antique copper
Hammer Antique Copper
hammer green
Hammer Green
Hammer Blue
Hammer Blue

All our metal frame furniture is available in one of the colours above plus white and black either as standard or at an extra cost. Our hammer finishes are particularly hard wearing.

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