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How safe are we in the UK?

Yesterday afternoon we found out that a credit card used to buy products on one of our websites was being fraudulently used. We found out because the order looked suspicious even though we had previously had an order from the same customer and all the credit card checks had passed.

Fortunately the real person had an unusual name and, by checking Google we were able to find her works number and ask her if she really wanted a HD TV. The lady in question immediately contacted her credit card company and had a stop done on the card.

We contacted our local police who, after much deliberation told us there was nothing they could do as it was not our credit card that had been cloned. The police also said that the crime was in another county so again it would be difficult to pursue.

This brings me to the reason behind this message.
Using the actual events above what if.. I see your house being burgled? do the police say sorry you’re not being burgled?

What if you are being assaulted / murdered? It makes you wonder.

We all know that here in the UK there is a lack of prison places maybe this is a new home office plan..

If the government or police force would like to advise I for one would be interested, otherwise I am currently making plans to leave the country and go somewhere my family will be safer. For all you non-criminals it maybe time for you to consider how safe you are in the UK.

We had the criminals IP address, Internet Host details and home address which we also passed to the police. A quick visit would have arrested the criminal.

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