Laptop Chargers

Now that laptops are available for as little as £100 each, schools can greatly increased their student to laptop ratio. However, this still leaves the problem of charging them and moving them from room to room!

Laptops in schools need to be charged up frequently – and secondly, they need to be stored in such a way that it is easy to move them around from room to room and are also secure.

The best solution is one that incorporates the charging of the batteries, the movement from room to room, and enhanced security of the computers within the school buildings. The Bretford range of Laptop Storage & Recharge trolleys does all this and more, providing your customers with a secure, mobile computer classroom solution.

Desktop Laptop Charger for Classrooms

Charge your classroom’s laptops while in use, from a central desktop location.

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Laptop recharger for schools

Enables the laptops to remain charged ready for the next class.

  • Also ideal for charging spare laptop batteries
  • Reduces the amount of cables running across the floor, improving health and safety.
  • Incorporates all the benefits of the Bretford Electronic Power Management System, managing and regulating the amount of current being drawn from the building circuits.
  • Fully tested and certified to BS6396: 2002 & EN60950: 2002 by NEMKO Ltd.
  • 10 year guarantee

The Desktop Power Management Charger incorporates all the benefits of the Electronic Power Management System, but with the advantage of enabling the users to charge the laptop while in use. This desktop unit allows for individual charging or group use of up to 16 laptops. The unit features 16 top mounted IEC sockets with Y-leads for connection to the laptops power pack.

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Width: 252 mm
Depth: 87 mm
Height: 225 mm
Weight: 4 kg

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