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Look after your Body it should last a Lifetime!

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Comfort Tips

Many of the problems encountered in the head, neck and shoulders result from poor alignment of the body and the equipment. Following a few simple guidelines can help greatly in this zone.

· Arrange the positions of your desk, chair, keyboard, monitor screen and documents so as to minimise awkward head and neck movements.

· Select the correct monitor height. The top of your screen should be at eye level.

· Sustain a proper body posture. Your ears, shoulders and hips should be in a straight line. This is particularly important whilst typing.

· Select a correct work height so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your feet can reach the floor, or footrest.

· Set your chair so that your back is straight and that you are not slouching forward over the desk. Also, your forearms should be parallel to the floor when reaching out to the keyboard.

· Position your documents on a copyholder that is viewable within the line of sight between you and the monitor screen. Position the copyholder on the side of your dominant eye.

· For additional adjustability use a specialist product designed to alter the height and position of your computer monitor.

The final zone that affects well being in the office is the immediate ambient environment around the individual workstation.

Try these tips to help improve your personal environment:

· Clean all of your office equipment regularly to kill germs and eliminate static. This will also improve computer screen clarity and keep your workspace dust and dirt free.

· Use anti-static cleaning products, chair mats and screen filters to eliminate static, which is a potential cause of dry skin complaints and dry eyes.

· Adjust temperature to a comfortable level.

· Ensure your workspace is well lit and free from glare and reflections. Remember to adjust lighting depending on the time of day and amount of external light.

· For softer lighting, consider halogen uplighters to shine directly on the ceiling and reflect the light back on to the workplace.

· Halogen bulbs produce permanent light without flicker.

· Recommended light levels around the computer screen are in the range of 250-300 LUX. Elsewhere in the office a range of 500-700 LUX is recommended. Use dimmer switches and secondary lighting to maintain the correct levels.

· Noise can be a problem, particularly from some printers. Consider using an acoustic hood.

· Dry air can contribute to dry skin problems. Consider using a humidifier.

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