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Looking for NEW IT integration for educations?

When integrating IT equipment into the education environment Bretford have recognised that one solution does not fit all! As a result we have extended our range to now include a choice of fixed or mobile solutions, solutions for working with both laptops or PC?s and even the Apple iMac G5 range.

The NEW SafeCharge range of static storage and recharge cabinets provide a secure charging facility for any AC/DC chargeable device, including laptops, PDA?s and mobile phones.  These cabinets can be placed in a central location to enable all to access fully charged equipment or alternatively, they can provide users with a place to securely store and recharge their own equipment, whilst enjoying recreational activities. Ideal for education establishments, libraries, public service facilities or offices where equipment may be loaned or hired out to students, staff or members.

The wide remit of these charging cabinets offers you more than just an educational product.

Laptop Storage & Recharge Trolleys provide the convenience of a mobile computer classroom. This well known solution not only offers your customers an answer to the problem of charging and securely storing their laptops, but also allows schools to share their resources between classes.


However, in an ideal classroom, students should be able to move from work on a computer back to work with other equipment instantly. The Verso range of integrated ICT desks enables students to do just this by housing computer equipment neatly inside a vertical rising drawer that is concealed within the desk when not in use, leaving a clear flexible working area for general classroom activities. The range also features models that can house mini PC?s as well as a Music desk option, ideal for today?s advanced music curriculum.


The latest addition to the range, POD Desking – mobile integrated ICT desks – enables your customer to convert even the most limited space into an ICT room. Simply fold down the sides and the desks can be easily wheeled between rooms and set up in seconds!


Ideal if a school wants to use PC?s but does not have the room for an ICT Suite, as well as offering another great solution for sharing expensive resources between classes. Models are also available with a unique swivel mount suitable for use with the Apple iMac G5 range.


To request further information, brochures and pricing on any of these productsCall 0834 124 9955

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