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Masks for lip readers

With the Covid-19 virus now part of our every day lives people have been looking for better and easier ways of working / living through the pandemic.

We spotted this clever mask and liked it immediately.

lady in the mask

A lot of companies are purchasing acrylic screens to protect their staff but, what if the staff could wear them and, especially with customer contact the smile and facial expressions are paramount to good social interactions.

For further protection we would recommend safety or reading glasses, though this new design with chin rest allows air flow from below to prevent condensation and fogging.

At £1.66 per mask (Based on cartons of 40 and excludes VAT) these masks also represent excellent value.

Mouth Guards

£66.00 – £315.00 Excl.VAT

Pack Quantities:

  • 4 cartons x 10 masks each (Total 40)
  • 20 cartons x 10 masks each (Total 200)

Delivery 3-5 working days.

£66.00 Excl.VAT

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Mouth Guards

As face masks become the new normal within certain industries, it makes it harder for your facial expressions to be visual to customers making communication difficult.

With these new transparent mouth guards your customers will be able to see your entire face without the risk of spreading germs.

The mouth guard is suitable for restaurants, hotels, beauty, education, supermarkets and many more workplaces.

It sits comfortably on your chin with the adjustable straps fitting behind the ears. Suitable for people who wear glasses.

  • The shield is non-toxic and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy breathing without condensation.
  • Durable to use all year round.
  • The plastic protective layer has an anti-fog lens.
  • It’s reusable and easy to clean.

Note: These are not intended for use in medical surroundings.

Available quantities:

  • 4 boxes x 10 masks (40 mouth guards in total)
  • 20 boxes x 10 masks (200 mouth guards in total)


Length: 170mm
Width: 20mm
Height: 100mm
Strap Length: 145mm