Medical Cabinets

We supply a wide range of medical cabinets suitable for the NHS, Education and Corporate medical facilities. Products include specialist defibrillator cabinets along with tambour and glass door cabinets.  All these cabinets are manufactured in France and have a 7 day delivery.

Defibrillator Cabinet

Defibrillator Cabinet

  • Reference: 50401
  • Steel body is epoxy powder
  • Front opening
  • Closing by handle sliding plastic
  • Within Crochet
  • Door with clear acrylic
  • Audible Alarm 100 Db
  • Key to activate the alarm
  • Plate sticker informative

Single Door Cabinet

Single door medical cabinet
  • Reference: 11649
  • Steel body is epoxy powder
  • Cabinet door with a key to serure
  • A green cross silkscreen
  • Plate sticker
  • 2 green transparent plastic shelves adjustable in height
  • A plastic storage bin transparent green

Medical Tambour Cupboard

Medical Tambour Cabinet closed
Medical Tambour Cabinet opened
  • Reference: 11566
  • Steel body is epoxy powder
  • Sliding PVC with galvanized steel reinforced handles
  • Closure by lock and key
  • 4 Tier Plastic green transparent adjustable height
  • Functional and space-saving sliding through the opening of the front

Two Door Medical Cabinet

Expanding two door medical cabinet
  • Reference: 50201
  • Steel body is epoxy powder
  • Wardrobe with 2 doors with magnetic closure and key lock
  • 2 green crosses screenprinted
  • 5 Tier Plastic green transparent
  • 6 adjustable shelves in green plastic body
  • In each door, two retractable shelves used to ask licensed emergency equipment during surgery
  • Functional Wardrobe: storage system studied with nurses and doctors working
  • Emboss above doors to put the key (child protection)

Transparent Door Medical Cabinet

Transparent Door Medical Cabinet
  • Reference: 50215
  • Steel body is epoxy powder
  • Translucent glass door
  • Wardrobe 1 door with key lock and push button
  • Two fixed metal shelves
  • Cross transparent door

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