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MetalRax Shelving

QB2 Bolt Free Shelving is currently the best selling Metalrax product in one of the popular Storage & Handling catalogues. When you stop and consider the products’ strength and versatility it’s not difficult to see why! An extensive choice of bay sizes together with single and multi-tier options ensures maximum use of available storage areas.

An example of the great versatility of the product can be seen in the recent installation project that took place at The McManus Galleries, Dundee.

McManus Galleries and Museum house Dundee’s main collection of art and social and natural history collections. Currently undergoing the largest renovation project in its 138 year history, Metalrax were appointed to install a mobile storage system to store the museums extensive collection of artefacts. These artefacts ranged from very small items such as coins and insects to larger items such as mammals but also included rolls of material, flags and even pianos and a Blue Shark!

Each artefact had to be stored safely but also in such a way that made best use of the available space. Due to the great diversity of the artefacts, QB2 shelving mounted on mobile bases was used to maximise space, with standard bay configurations adapted to ensure that artefacts were stored efficiently and safely. Slide out drawer units and cabinets were chosen to house the smaller items, with specially designed hanging rails for the material and flags. Even the larger more unusual items were allocated space within the mobile shelving bays!

For more details on this project or for any other information please do not hesitate to contact the Sales Departement on 0845 124 9955.

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