Min Moove Dollies

Termanova Equals durability, strength and food safety and because of its low weight and great stability it has become Europe´s preferred dolly.

Which of the MINI MOOVE dollies, you should choose depends on the transport/handling task. Below you will find several different MINI MOOVE versions and hopefully there is one to suit your needs. For additional information regarding wheels, castors and colours.

mini moove dollies


Standard ABS dolly, 600x400mm, suitable for light and medium duty loads. The lipped edges offer extra rigidity, and the open corners ensure drainage of condensation or cleansing residue. Applicable in temperature ranges from -20 to +80ºC, short term +90°C for washing in crate washing machines, etc.

Can be delivered in special colors and with customer logo on request.

Colour: blue, red-orange, yellow and green

Maximum load: 250 kg


An extra strong dolly, 600x400mm, which due to its unique material combination makes it suitable for longer stays in cold stores/freezers. Temperature range from -30º to +60ºC. The dolly is gentle on surroundings and presents an affordable and light weight alternative to dollies in stainless steel. Same construction as other dollies in the MINI MOOVE series with open corners for easy cleaning. Available with stainless steel castors or plastic castors on request.

Colour: grey

Maximum load: 375 kg


ABS mesh frame, 600x400mm. The build-in mesh frame offers added support for smaller packages and loads in odd sizes. The mesh is moulded in the surface of the dolly, which means that the edge which prevents the transported goods from sliding is preserved. This construction suits applications in which the dolly will be subject to harsh treatment. This model is also delivered with open corners for increased hygiene and easy cleaning. Temperature range from -20 to +80ºC, short term +90°C for cleaning.

Colour: blue

Maximum load: 275 kg


A unique dolly, which can be sized to suit any job. Four plastic corner units mate with four extruded aluminium profiles. Suitable for longer stays in cold stores and freezers down to -30ºC. The plastic corners protect the interior from hard wear. Very light weight, less than 4 kg, which makes the dolly very easy to handle. Side lengths from 220mm to 1200mm.

Colour: grey

Maximum load: 300 kg


ULIGHT is our offer to those of our customers who have no need for non-corrosive components, but still demand the well-known Termonova quality. ULIGHT is supplied with Termonova’s high quality 600x400mm frame and can be delivered with zinc plated steel castors with either PA (nylon) or rubber tyred 100mm wheels.

Colour: red or white

Maximum load: 150 kg

Let us know the model and quantity you require and we will e-mail you a competitive quotation within one working day.
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