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group shot of mini lockers

The Minibox lockers are designed to hold personal items such as wallets, purses and mobile phones predominantly in the workspace though with the small footprint these lockers can be used anywhere including the home.

mini lockers dimensions


  • Unit Size – 900mm (w) x 415mm (h) x 230mm (d)
  • Compartment Size 155mm (w) x 155mm (h) x 230mm (d)

A new storage locker to store small, personal items securely in almost any environment. Manufactured in banks of eight (4 wide x 2 high).

Probe Cam Lock or Hasp & Staple (excluding padlock) supplied as standard.
Other Combination Locks available.

Pre-drilled to enable banks of lockers to be nested, stacked or wall fixed

group shot of mini lockers

For more information please contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd and for standard lockers follow this link.

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