Mobile Shelving

Store more files in less space with Mobile Shelving

If you need a storage solution that maximises the space you have and can be adapted to your needs then Moresecure’s Mobile Shelving is the ideal solution.

Our high-density storage offers up to 300% more storage space than traditional solutions, enabling your clients to maximise the space they have and organise files, archives and stockrooms more efficiently.

This solution is ideal where space is limited, such as on construction sites, in offices, archives, shops or hospitals.

Our Mobile Shelving can be utilised in any space, whether it’s a large hospital or a small architect’s office, there’s a solution for everyone.

Our systems are very quick to install with minimum disruption to you, and they are even easier to use. What is more, you can add to it or move it as the storage needs grow within your customers’ businesses.

This is just one of a wide range of Moresecure storage products designed to make your work easier. Moresecure is part of Whittan Storage Systems, the UK’s largest manufacturer of pallet racking, shelving and lockers.

Mobile Shelving from Moresecure
Store more files in less space with Mobile Shelving

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