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Mobile Shelving in a Box

Cabinstor is specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction industry and records managers who are looking for security and adaptability to store documents. Cabinstor is a convenient solution combining the modular format of traditional secure cabins with a mobile shelving system providing high density storage. Museum conservators will also benefit from the features built into each unit.

Cabinstor can be sited in adjacent areas to the main area of operation and multi stacked to save space. A Cabinstor unit is designed to keep adverse weather out as well as intruders. Security and weatherproofing are priority considerations. Cabinstor can be a quick fix to an emergency or a long term solution and part of a planned storage facility. Units can be relocated with ease and used by many departments within an organisation to provide additional storage capacity when and where it is needed.

Cabins are sprayed with a durable epoxy powder Grey finish. Bespoke units can be designed to meet specific needs.

Adjustable legs can be fitted to each corner to ensure level and stable siting of a cabin Units will need to be hoisted into position. Lifting eyes are incorporated at the top of each corner post They are fully tested by Royal & Sun Alliance in accordance with the Factories Act 1991 section Z6 and 27.

Cabinstor Mobile Shelving

An integrated electric circuit is fitted as standard Power is distributed through an RCB MCB panel to the lights and two double sockets Heaters, dehumidifiers and air-conditioning units can be used to give the most suitable conditions to store documents.

Electrical Switch Box

Cabins are fitted with four high level aluminium framed windows, complete with wire mesh guards providing ventilation and natural daylight. Lockable stays ensure windows can be positively closed to maintain the secure integrity of the cabin

Aluminium Windows

Three lighting units are ceiling mounted rated as CAT 2 to 300 lux.

Lighting Units in Storage Cabin

A water drip tray fitted above the door will divert rain away from the door and reduce the likelihood of water entering the unit. The opening edge of the full height personnel door has anti jemmy flanges to prevent forced entry.

Lip on door to prevent getting wet

Capital adjustable shelving in a mobile configuration. Each bar will be 2025mm nigh x 1200mm wide x 400mm deer and fitted with two fixed and five adjustable shelves. Shelves will support a uniformly distributed load of 80kgs The finish is epoxy powder coated Ivory RAL9002

Mobile Shelving Base

Security is an important aspect of the Cabinstor unit. The door is mounted on heavy duty, tamper proof hinges and secured with an insurance approved five lever mortice lock to 853261.

Two Capital bays are mounted back to back on a mobile chassis. The base is mounted onto a track that is secured to the floor of the cabin. An anti-tilt device is fitted to ensure safety in operation. Each mobile unit is driven through z three spoked hand wheel that has an integral lock

Mobile Shelving Chassis

Cabinstor Shelving in a Box

• Layout l

Cabin Size: 6.1 m x 2.7m x 2.7m

fitted with two static bays and five

double sided mobile units.


• Layout 2

Cabin Size: 7.3m x 2.7m x 2.7m

fitted with four static bays and six

double sided mobile units.


• Layout 3

Cabin Size: 9.75m x 2.7m x 2.7m

fitted with two static bays and nine

double sided mobile units.


• Layout 4

Cabin Size 12.2m x 2 7m x 2.7m

fitted with two static bays and

twelve double sided mobile units

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