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Monday’s Update

Welcome to a slightly updated site.  The wordpress software package this is built on has been updated today to the latest version and we have changed the theme so that the column with the navigation links is now on the left!
Research states that internet users look to the left and top of the page for links etc. and who are we to try and buck the trend.

The new 2007 Bito catalogue arrived this morning and is chock full of Storage products, including Shelving, Racking and Containers, we show a several pages of this catalogue on our site at There is a paper version of this site freely available should you so desire.

On Thursday this week we will be geting to grips with the brand new office furniture catalogue due in less than two weeks.  This time round we have decided to make a plain cover version as we sell an increasing amount through dealers throughout the UK. Please contact us if you would like further information as these expensive catalogues are provided free of charge along with very attractive trading terms. Call 0845 124 9955 or email sales & (deliberate space to upset the spammers! see last post).

My Squash partner is back from his skiing holiday today so I should be back in court soon.. While he was away I tried a Body Pump class last Monday at our local leisure centre and spent the next 3 days in pain, for any other men contemplating this form of torture I recommend not going with the big weights to impress the ladies.