More Price Rises

Over recent months you will have become aware of inflationary pressures within the UK, particularly with regard to energy and distribution costs that effect manufacturing as well as households.

As a result we are obliged to announce a price increase and confirm that list prices will increase as follows for orders that have a shipment after 4th April 2008

Pallet racking   5%
Shelving, including Longspan   3.5%
Lockers   5%

In addition there are significant steel price increases that are imminent, which will also be applied to shipments after the 4th April 2008. The levels of increase have not yet been determined although we have already seen other suppliers in our industry applying significant increases to list prices.

These steel price increases are being driven by raw material and energy increases and have effected not only the UK, but the whole European and World Wide price of Steel.

We expect the exact amount of these increases to be determined over the next few weeks whereupon we will be forced to recognise these pressures and confirm the total list price increase. At this point we will print a new price list and supporting materials such as Speed software.

Moresecure will communicate with you again over the next couple of weeks and during this process we will be available to you with regard to quotations and new orders that may be effected by these changes.

Particular care must be given to existing quotations that are superseded by this notice with immediate effect.

Thank you for your support during this process. If you need further information, please call either your usual Moresecure contact or myself.

Kind regards,

John Halliday
Managing Director

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