New Bins for 2017

Three new bins to start in 2017 with a classic litter bin and two recycle bins, one for batteries and the other for plastic cups.

classic litter bins

The NEW 90 litre Classic litter bin has been designed with a subtle anti fly-posting finish, chamfered edges to ensure waste is directed into the liner and it requires very little maintenance.
Provided with stubber plate and one gold or silver banding as standard.

Full Specifications here;

New Battery Recycle bins in three sizes.


The NEW Battery Pod has been introduced in response to customer demand and is available in 10, 18 or 30 litres.
These compact Pods allow the user to drop the batteries through a 48mm hole in the centre of the lid, whilst the base handle recesses allows easy manoeuvring. WRAP compliant labels as standard.

Plastic Cup recycle Bin

Plastic cup recycle bins

The NEW EnvirocupXL is suitable for indoor use and is ideal for food and drink areas.
The EnvirocupXL bin has six apertures to deposit, stack and store up to 103mm cups in the most efficient way. Whilst excess liquid and residual dregs can be poured into the central aperture where the liquid is collected in a removable 7.5 litre reservoir. Signage kits available as an optional extra.