New for 2009 Plastic Container site.

New for 2009 Plastic Container site.

Welcome to Plastic Containers and Pallets

Welcome to

Supplying Industrial Quality Plastic Containers to the United Kingdom


Linpac Allibert manufactures and supplies products to conform to industrial standards and regulations.

For example: Materials and colourings comply with Directive 90/128 for suitability for contact with food. Containers, pallets and box pallets comply with European packaging directive 94/62 CE. UN-certified IBC’s and Tankgo for transportation of hazardous chemicals.


Linpac Allibert takes an active role in European committees and standardisation work in reusable plastic products for storage, packaging and handling. Allibert’s experience in this area enables the user to benefit from quality, high-performance products developed for their industry.

Merlin Industrial Products Ltd are Registered in the UK 2906480 1994 and have a NATO Cage certificate KD520 January 2009 Due to the constantly changing Oil prices and there importance to Plastic Container manufacturing, Prices shown are a close indication and alter outside of our control. 

Carriage Costs are £ 15.00 per Order

15% VAT applies to all the Prices Shown

Discounts are available for Pallet Quantities.

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