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New Sales Person at Merlin

Merlin are very happy to welcome Stuart Alder to the company. Starting this Monday Stuart has travelled across the corridor from the factory at Meddings to join us. Stuart will help us maintain the quality of service we currently offer our many industrial customers, as we react to the infusion of new business. Please feel free to chat to Stuart direct on 01752 690622 or he can be reached at

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“Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stuart Alder, and I am the new senior sales here at Merlin Industrial products. My Experience in the fields of sales and customer service has bought me to Merlin Industrial Products and I believe it is both my experience in these fields and the skills I have and have picked up throughout my career that will allow me to better myself at such a fine company.
Merlin is the sales arm of a manufacturing group of companies based in Devon, England and have been supplying industrial products for more than 25 years, they can often provide custom-made solutions when a regular product is not suitable. Merlin supplies a wide range of Industrial products from the car park to the boardroom and all rooms in-between.
All our catalogues are now digital and available online at
From 2021 Merlin incorporated the shop into our main catalogue site at the request of many customers.
Merlin are a Shop and Business to Business supplier or B2B and our prices show both EX VAT and Including VAT to make it easier for non-trade customers. Our products have all the relevant British safety standards and are suitable for industrial use. Merlin Industrial today has a wealth of information and experience on most probably, the widest range of industrial equipment, and this website has been crafted to help you find the information that you need quickly, and on any device.
Payment methods are Credit cards, Amazon Pay, WorldPay, PayPal, Bank transfer and ordering on account and Proforma. The minimum order value is £35 and, once you reach £300, a free carriage option is available. With their vast knowledge of industrial products Merlin can help save you valuable time and money, as they already have over the years, for 1000s of other companies in the UK and around the world.
Throughout my career I have worked as a steward at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford bridge is a 42,500-capacity stadium with my job being to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the facility along with my team, this gave me an understanding in my first job role of the health and safety guidelines and requirements that must be adhered to and I have carried this through still to this day and I have already noticed on the Merlin online shop many of the items required to follow the guidelines. I have also worked in the professional finance sector, this has allowed me to gain a clear understanding of customers budgeting, concise pricing and due diligence within the financial sector this has allowed me to grasp knowledge into modern financial practices and how customers use them to navigate everyday tasks. I have also worked in upmarket furniture stores, this taught me to understand the advantages of using quality furniture due to your previous experience in a furniture store, which not only helped with a greater knowledge of quality furnishings but again helped me practice customer service skills.
With every aspect of my working career my previous roles have all helped me look at customer service and sales with a broader understanding and the breadth of Merlin’s customer base will enable me to hone my skills further, whilst increasing the number of companies and staff that I can help in the coming years. Within all these roles I have worked in the customer base has been of a large scale and that is what Merlin have and would like to add to. The shop, website and blogs are updated frequently, what this entails is ensuring the stock, photos and information are up to date”