No more Dirty Ladders or Steps

Portable ladders and step stools in supermarkets and areas of industrial and commercial hygiene are usually filthy and repulsive – even after repeated cleaning attempts!

Why is this so?

Most portable ladders are not anodized aluminium – for cost reasons. Non-anodized aluminium ladders are getting dirtier over time; chemical and mechanical cleaning efforts do not remove the dirt but only harden it: aluminium oxide (“black abrasion dirt”) is harder than aluminium and forms a chemical compound with wet and greasy dirt parts that becomes encrusted insolubly with aluminium.

Stop permanent dirt – use “Skylax ladders”:

(1) Not only the frame but also the steps are made of anodized aluminium i.e. without unsightly permanent dirt.

(2) Large coloured pads, which form a unique non-slip tread, are not made of PVC but of a material with closed-cell: water, grease, oil, acids do not penetrate the surface and are readily washed off with clean water without solvents (see models for “open” and “closed cells”).

(3) For special requirements all ladders and steps are also manufactured with high-gloss red coating which repels all fats, acids, chlorides; is more than 10 years salt-water resistant; moreover, it is electrically insulating.

(4) You may clean Skylax ladders the same way you clean equipment in food departments and HACCP areas: with high pressure cleaners.

(5) Life cycle: 10 years

Preferred use:

· food processing industry
· chemical industry
· pharmaceutical industry
· refrigeration cells
· catering
· supermarkets
· hospitals
. laboratories
· offices
· kindergarten
. retirement homes
. schools
· living area
· expositions and areas with customers contact

Stop dirty ladders now!
Invest in – cleanliness – easy handling – safety and reliability.