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Not the old HP scam again.

What is it with all the scams for HP cartridges?

Received today;

Good Day,

I will like to place an order with you store for the products below.

OEM HP Inkcartridge C6578A — 100PCS

Payment Method: Visa/ Master Credit Card.

Shipping Destination:- London.

Get back with total cost asap.

Hoping to Read from you soon.


Ben Mark

Hello Sales,
Thanks for your call.I will like you to quote me for the product below:

Original HP C4129X....30units

Original HP Inkjet cartridge 78...100units

kindly get back to me with total cost.For the shipping i be 
instructing fedex to come to your compnay for the pick 
of the order with my fedex account.I await your urgent
response so that i can forward you my credit card details
 for payment immediately.

Does anyone still fall for these?

It’s a shame that the Internet, a tool quite capable of ensuring world peace, is degraded and abused by a few people intent on crime and profit. There’s no point appealing to their consciences as they haven’t got any.

If you are a fellow trader take care and have a great weekend.

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