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Priva – private working solutions

privacy working solutions

We’re all born with an ability to focus. But as much as we would like to retain that skill forever, life itself proves to be very loud, colourful and sometimes just too interesting for us to be able to avoid distractions forever. The Priva range of meeting booths, modular floor standing screens, and solo workstations have been designed to offer your employees a real chance to focus, or to hold meetings in private with minimal noise and distractions.

Meeting booths
Privacy POD UK
The Priva meeting booth provides a quiet place to work or where groups can hold meetings with a degree of privacy. The 2 and 4 seater meeting spaces are available in a choice of rectangular or hexagonal high-rise sides, with a bent roof option that adds some privacy and excitement to the interior.
Solo workstations
open space privacy screens
Relevant in today’s modern open-plan offices, Priva solo workstations are designed for those moments where personal space is required to focus on intensive work or tasks with minimal noise and distraction. A great place for individuals to seek refuge away the busy, hectic office environment.
Floor screens
Office screens for privacy
Priva modular floor standing screens are not only colourful and modern additions to the office aesthetics, but also deliver a large array of functional and design solutions for every work style and preference, whether it’s a touchdown area, collaborative space, personal workstation or private office

For any of these ranges of privacy screens contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

antibacterial door furniture

Hello everyone and welcome to 2022. The latest changes for this year, so far, are listed below. Numerous new product brochures and catalogues are now available on the information page, though prices, due to raw materials, are still very hard to nail down.

Good old COVID is still with us and we still have a few items that will help the spread of the disease and keep everyone safer, such as the Antibacterial door furniture that kills bugs.

In stock at Lee Mill Factory.antibacterial handles

The Latest Changes

Kenilworth cycle compound

Bike Storage

If you require Bike Shelters or Bike Storage, then we have the answer.  From single vertical bike stores to large secure compounds, we offer a near infinite choice for bike storage. The latest bicycle shelter brochures and specifications are at the bottom of this page.

Kenilworth cycle compound

Kenilworth Bike Shelters

The Kenilworth bike shelters are ideal for small and large bicycle, compounds are available in powder coated or galvanised finishes and the feet can be bolted or cemented into the base. Available open or fully enclosed for added protection, and ideal for public spaces and educational establishments.

telescopic ladders

Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic Ladders now offer a real alternative to the old extension ladders. Easily stored and lightweight, the telescopic ladder is also suitable for industrial use with certification to EN 131.


Bunded Waste Oil Storage

Bunded Waste Oil Storage for all Environments. Safe storage of oils with leaks from the inner tank safely stored in the internal bund and the tanks can be fitted with a monitoring alarm in case of leaks from the main tank.

1995 6 Safety Signs 200

Brochures and Documents

We have numerous Brochures and Documents that you can download or view as required, with nearly all of them available in PDF format so that they can be viewed across a wide range of computers, tablets, and phones. We love trees and the environment, so no more paper catalogues!

ALS/ALJ Analytical Balance

Analytical balances

Analytical balances manufactured in Germany, these analytical balances offer superb quality and very accurate results. Please contact us with the specifications you require, and we will offer an analytical balance to suit your requirements.

Flame Box 422

Xlock Flamboxes for Hazardous Storage

Xlock Flamboxes for Hazardous Storage. Bright Red security boxes manufactured from 2 and 3 mm thick sheet steel and complete with fork lift skids as standard so that the units can be moved around the site.

cupboard 600px grey

Cupboards and Cabinets

Our industrial cupboards and cabinets offer a wide range of options for the safe and secure storage of a variety of equipment. Some of our industrial cupboards have fully welded sumps that allow dangerous chemicals to be collected in the case of a spill.  As well as Steel, we also have a range of polypropylene… Read More »

Welcome to the December 2021 updates. Spread across a wide range of industrial equipment and subjects. It is also a good time to remind everyone of the current opening hours and the holiday dates.

Opening hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am to Midday on Friday.

holidays 2021We will be closed from 5pm on Tuesday 21st December and are back on Tuesday 4th January 2022.


The Latest Changes

General Purpose Safety Stores

General purpose safety stores are a complete hazardous chemical safety store that can be located anywhere on your site and provide easy access to a range of flammable, chemical and other hazardous materials, making this a perfect general purpose safety store.

school scales

School Scales

School scales are specifically designed and manufactured for educational establishments. The benefits are low-cost and easy operation. Three of the most popular models are shown below, each with different options.

Continental Litter Bin Pale Granite

Continental Litter Bins

The Continental litter bins have a capacity of 52 litres and are ideal for council and educational purposes. The Polyethylene outer shell comes in a wide range of stone finishes and colours and is easy to clean and weather resistant. The rubbish is collected in a galvanised steel liner and every bin is provided with… Read More »Continental Litter Bins

pvc crash doors 600px

PVC Crash Service Doors

The flexible PVC crash service doors have been designed with reliability in mind. Used across a number of industries, flexible crash doors provide exceptional value for money in a variety of commercial environments, including supermarkets, industrial warehouses, hospitals, clean-rooms and food preparation areas

DH440Z drum Stand 210Litre

Mobile and Static Drum Stands

Mobile and Static Drum Stands designed to carry the standard 210 litre steel drums (Plastic drum stands at the bottom of the page). Fully welded tubular steel frames and with various options and accessories that allow for easier decanting and handling operations.


Cafe and bistro furniture

Welcome to the cafe and bistro furniture options available from Merlin. We have the latest electronic catalogue below, should you wish to browse the complete catalogue whilst offline, or we have the new online flip catalogue for access any time of the day. We also have our online shop where you can browse further café… Read More »