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Optineo – It’s Alive!

It’s Alive. Does anyone remember that film? It was about a mutant baby who ate people, though was sadly misunderstood, very poignant and a classic film should you be in need of a horror with depth..

Anyway I would like to introduce the Optineo Office Furniture Range.

A brand new range for Autumn 2006. Designed to compete with Dams International on Price and, manufactured across the Channel in Honfluer France, this product range has style and build quality far in excess of any other office furniture solution remotely close to this price point.

It has just been uploaded to our website and will shortly wander across to some of the other ecommerce sites.

Literature is still sparse as the sawdust is still in the air though, having seen this range at the factory preview earlier this year I can deliberate on the quality and value for money with much confidence.

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