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These wooden pigeon hole units are ideal for any busy office environment, pigeon hole units are available in either floor standing, cupboard or wall mounted. All Pigeon holes are designed to various sizes. A3 is available upon request. If a standard Pigeon hole unit will not fit, then let us…
Recycling stations or centres for sorting out various recyclable waste into bags or bins so that they can be used in schools or public areas. Various refuse can be sorted for example aluminium, paper, cardboard, glass and organic waste. With out stainless steel option we can also provide sorting…
Avid MFC and Wood Veneer executive furniture from the same UK factory that makes the popular Minster range of veneered furniture. Today’s open plan office demands furniture to match, and the Avid range with its newly-launched goalpost leg and open frame design, perfectly suits the most…
Jive breakout furniture has been designed for the modern workplace with the latest materials and colours and the clever use of technology as shown in the collaboration tables. If you are looking for some different than the standard canteen units then Jive may will meet your expectations.
The stainless steel workbench and prep table is universally regarded as one of the material that does not rust and can be easily cleaned to remove all vestiges of bacteria or contaminants. All the stainless steel tables are manufactured here in the UK using grade 304 stainless steel.
Secure storage lockers are designed to provide multiple storage facilities in a single unit. Each locker is controlled via the keypad or with a proximity card reader. Ideal for offices, hotels, public places for the storage of mobile phone, tablets where deposit safe style storage is a benefit.

Fuze Modular Office Furniture

Fuze Furniture bringing multiple office workers together by design!

Fuze bench desks blend the best of European design with the highest workmanship standards to span a wide range of applications and support the most creative of workspaces. Fuze bench desks provide the perfect answer for a less corporate modern office. Its simple, flexible design naturally assimilates to the task or application at hand and the solid oak legs are built to last, exemplifying elegance and sophistication.

fuze desking banner

Fuze Features

  • Solid oak leg frame provides a modern, stylish twist on bench desking
  • 25mm desktops available in white and white with oak edge
  • Legs are shared between desk clusters with a recessed centre leg support to save space and costs
  • White steel framework for enhanced strength and stability
  • Horizontal and vertical cable management allows cables to rise from the floor via mass cable risers and shared cable trays
  • Warranty 8 years

For more information on this range please visit our web page at;

Lifting equipment back on the menu

Lifting equipment for the UK

Databases can be wonderful things though technology can sometimes throw a wrench in to the mechanism.  Our new shop at (In case you had forgotten) has a recent problem where 412 products in the lifting category had switched images and descriptions and some kind guest let us know.

The matter has now been resolved so that what you see is what you get WYSIWYG!


A range of lifting and jacking equipment designed for the industrial or keen do it yourselves person. Some of the equipment included in the lifting category are various jacks, cranes and vehicle lifts.

Some examples below though for all 412 you may want to visit

3tonne Premier Engine Crane – Fixed

Sale! £2,799.95 £2,596.96 Inc VAT £3,116.35 Add to basket

2.5tonne Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift

Sale! £1,767.95 £1,639.78 Inc VAT £1,967.74 Add to basket

20tonne Long Reach Trolley Jack

Sale! £2,109.95 £1,817.20 Inc VAT £2,180.64 Add to basket

30tonne Single Stage/High Lift Air Operated Jack

Sale! £1,974.95 £1,700.93 Inc VAT £2,041.11 Add to basket

60tonne Air Operated Long Reach Low Entry Jack – Telescopic

Sale! £1,764.95 £1,520.07 Inc VAT £1,824.08 Add to basket

30tonne Air Operated Long Reach Low Entry Jack – Telescopic

Sale! £1,589.95 £1,369.35 Inc VAT £1,643.22 Add to basket

40tonne Air Operated Low Entry/Long Reach Telescopic Jack

Sale! £1,639.95 £1,412.41 Inc VAT £1,694.89 Add to basket

30tonne Folding Telescopic Air Operated Jack

Sale! £1,174.95 £1,011.93 Inc VAT £1,214.31 Add to basket

25tonne Air Operated Long Reach Jack – Telescopic

Sale! £1,359.95 £1,171.26 Inc VAT £1,405.51 Add to basket

2tonne Premier Folding Engine Crane

Sale! £1,349.95 £1,252.09 Inc VAT £1,502.50 Add to basket

3tonne Jacking Beam with 1.6mtr Extending Arms & Flat Roller Supports

Sale! £1,124.95 £968.87 Inc VAT £1,162.64 Add to basket

Wheel Removal Trolley 1200kg Capacity

Sale! £1,099.95 £947.34 Inc VAT £1,136.80 Add to basket




Bollards, is it impolite?

Upside down cannon? No, It’s a bollard!

Merlin Industrial now have a new wider range of bollards for your street, warehouse or, as they are fully weatherproof anywhere you like.

cast iron bollardsThanks to WikiPedia

From the 17th and 18th centuries, old cannon were often used as bollards on quaysides to help moor ships alongside. The cannon would be buried in the ground muzzle-first to approximately half or two-thirds of their length, leaving the breech (rear end) projecting above ground for attaching ropes. Such cannon can still occasionally be found. Bollards from the 19th century were purpose-made, but often inherited a very similar “cannon” shape.

Wooden posts were used for basic traffic management from at least the beginning of the 18th century. An early well-documented case is that of the “two oak-posts” set up next to the medieval Eleanor cross at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, in 1721, at the expense of the Society of Antiquaries of London, “to secure Waltham Cross from injury by Carriages”.[5] Similar posts can be seen in many historic paintings and engravings.

In the Netherlands, the Amsterdammertjes of Amsterdam were first erected in the 19th century. They became popular symbols of the city, but they are now gradually being removed and replaced with elevated sidewalks.

We now have bollards in Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood / Timber and cast Iron

For even more models please visit the page below.

drop-down bollards

Plastic Coat Hooks

Plastic coat hooks in loads of colours and cheap at less than a pound!

Metal coat hooks bend and break leaving sharp edges that can be dangerous especially with children around.Plastic coat hooksThe plastic coat hook offers many more advantages over the steel and aluminium coat hooks and newer models can be supplied that are anti-bacterial to prevent the spread of germs around a cloakroom.

As well as the individual hooks we can also supply on a white laminated bar for easy installation.

Plastic coat hooks on a rail

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