Taurus Workbenches 5 Day Delivery

Taurus Workbenches are available from stock and can be delivered around the UK mainland in 5 working days.

Prices below are accurate for 2021 and include carriage to the mainland England and Wales

Taurus workbenches quick delivery

  • Complete your workbench with components from stock
  • Prompt Delivery From Stock

Accessories must be ordered with the Workbenches

Worktop service ducts are not supplied with cabling and must be fitted by a qualified electrician.
Model Description Price (ex VAT)
ST076RSP Description: 760 mm Rear Support Posts £66.70
ST118RSP Description: 1180 mm Rear Support Posts £80.75
ST3015US Description: Upper Shelf (300Dmm) for 1500 mm Benches £111.05
ST3018US Description: Upper Shelf (300Dmm) for 1800 mm Benches £132.20
ST15LTR Description: Light/Tool Rail Support for 1500 mm Benches £74.70
ST18LTR Description: Light/Tool Rail Support for 1800 mm Benches £77.30
ST15LBP Description: Louvred back panel with Pinboard for 1500 mm Benches £140.15
ST18LBP Description: Louvred back panel with Pinboard for 1800 mm Benches £155.85
ST15WSD Description: Worktop Service Duct for 1500 mm Benches £110.05
ST18WSD Description: Worktop Service Duct for 1800 mm Benches £115.25
STFSSA Description: Flat Screen Support Arm £67.00

Taurus Cantilever Workbenches

Taurus cantilever workbench

SKU Description Price (ex VAT)
ST18157 Description: Workbench only
Size W x D x H mm: 1500 x 750 x 840
ST18159 Description: Workbench only
Size W x D x H mm: 1500 x 900 x 840
ST18187 Description: Workbench only
Size W x D x H mm: 1800 x 750 x 840
ST18189 Description: Workbench only
Size W x D x H mm: 1800 x 900 x 840
  • Workshop bench suitable for use in assembly, production & light engineering environments.
  • 20 mm high density laminate worktop with 3 mm PVC edging
  • Powder coated, iridium silver finish on the workbench frames
  • Cantilever design allows maximum legroom
  • Height adjustable feet for easy levelling
  • Accessories available – see below for details
  • Each drawer set can be fitted either on the left or right of the bench. Cupboard sets can only be positioned on the right-hand side.

Apres Easter at Merlin

Welcome back after the Easter break and, as we reach the end of the short week, please find the latest changes to the industrial products’ website at merlin-industrial.co.uk.

Mostly new pages with a lot more anti-pollution and flood warning equipment. With floods and the climate featuring almost as much as COVID-19.

Good news on the Unbreakable coat hooks as the factory have now reduced the minimum order quantity from 100 to 50 hooks(5 packs)

So, schools and nurseries need only spend £45 + VAT (+ carriage) for 50 colourful hooks (20 colours) and three sizes!

Flood and River Monitoring Alarms

Wireless Staff Gauge in the river

Flood and River Monitoring Alarms comprising custom-made and mission-critical flood and river level monitoring. Various flood warning, flood alarms and flood mitigation systems. With the current climate changes we need to adapt to new weather patterns bringing greater amounts of water in short timescales.

Read more …

Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks

row of unbreakable plastic coat hooks in various colours 600px

Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks are becoming increasingly popular, as unlike the standard steel hook these are less rigid and offer more protection for children and adults. How tough are the hooks? They are ‘Unbreakable’ and were recently used on an adult climbing wall in Glasgow!

Read more …

19-inch Fabricated Cases

571 Slide 19 inch rack

19-inch Fabricated Cases to house various industrial standard rack equipment. The racks feature double punched rack rails fitted directly to the inside, front and rear. Manufactured from plastic sheet or laminate with optional suspension foams for maximum ease of mind.

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Pollution Control Devices

Containment Valve 250mm

Pollution Control Devices or PCD help to reduce the risk of fines and ecological damage by proactively containing spills from industrial sites and/or Combined Sewer Overflows. Combined with warning systems that include SMS, Sirens and flashing lights.

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Shelters with no groundworks

munch pod eating outside 800

Shelters with no groundworks can be installed quickly (typically 3 weeks) and do not need the normal excavations with concrete pads. Installed by experienced staff, across the country these elegant shelters can be used as walkways between buildings, cycle shelters, and waiting areas with built-in benches. Quick installation – minimum disruption!

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Industrial Drain Blockers


Drain and Flood protection devices that include pneumatic bags and automated flaps that can be controlled manually and wirelessly. Preventing illegal run-offs in time of spillages and fire, where large amounts of water are fed into the drainage system these drain blockers cannot only save the environment but prevent huge fines.

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Quick Shelters UK

Quick shelters are available now. Waiting around for something once you have decided on a plan, product can be painful. Merlin Industrial have a new range of shelters that will help ease your torment.

Untility weatherproof sheltersInstalled in hours!

No groundworks, no foundations and no fuss. Concrete pads supplied. Installation across the UK.

outside shelter with seating for food consumption5 metre square shelter with benchesoutside space for eating and drinking

Typical uses.

  • Extra weather protected queuing space
  • Covered walkways
  • Smoking shelters
  • Seating
  • Loading Bays

If you can provide the dimensions and delivery address then these shelters can be typically installed within just 3 weeks.

Download and view example sizes and prices here.

Whether you’re looking for a smoking shelter for your staff, a covered exercise area or want more space outside to conduct your work, the PRO-TECT multi-purpose weather shelters can provide all these whilst protecting everyone from the elements. Convert car parks, entrances and gardens into useable space and provide protection from the elements for your customers and staff.

The system can be quickly installed by our team outside your premises in around 2 hours, with no plant required and minimal disruption to your business.

PRO-TECT is completely free-standing with weighted legs. Our unique concrete blocks mean there are no hidden costs of floor fixing and wall mounts and no groundworks or foundations are required. Our quick lead times mean you could have a shelter up and in use within 10 working days of placing an order.

The shelter has an opal Sunlite™ Roof providing UV, sun and rain protection and a robust aluminium frame-work that can be powder coated to your colours. You can also include an option to brand your shelter and include clear signage to help with one way systems and social distancing.

Structurally tested to peak wind of 56mph.

Available in 5 m x 5 m modules which can be erected in multiples to create virtual unlimited sizes.

Typical Price  (2021) is £5000 + VAT installed

  • NO GROUNDWORKS – Our unique concrete blocks require no groundworks
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS – With no groundworks, there are no extra costs to build foundations
  • INSTALLED IN HOURS – Our typical install time is 2 hours, so there’s minimal disruption for you
  • SHORT LEAD TIME – It takes just 10 working days from placing your order to your shelter being ready for us