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Perfect acoustic hideaway.

Today we place a premium on peace and quiet. It may seem that a specially engineered piece of acoustic furniture for one person is a luxury. However, we think everyone should have the opportunity to have a private space to themselves, even for just five minutes.
The new Hide Acoustic Pod is the ideal elegant solution, with superior comfort and acoustic powers. Having a sense of private space – shielded from sounds and visual distractions – helps to put us at ease. The feeling of relief is tangible, as we’re able to focus on our laptop, tablet or phone.

Hide acoustic POD side view

  • Noise-cancelling design created for high-traffic areas
  • The ideal place to make calls or for mobile working
  • Extremely comfortable webbed seat with soft, foamed back
  • Can be upholstered in any fabric or faux leather – inside and out
  • Static or swivel options for both models
  • Optional power and USB charge for static models

Hide acoustic pod dimensions

Hide_Acoustic_Pod Brochure

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