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Prism Office Furniture

Prism Office Furniture (Download Brochure Here)

The light and contemporary feel of Prism modernises all office environments. It can be extended and expanded easily to provide a clever and eye-catching solution.
The variety of shapes & sizes offered by this system is ideal for any organisation where a number of different tasks are conducted under one roof.  The benefits of Prism include strong and cleverly designed aluminium extrusions throughout & the option of sliding tops on back-to-back benching and large workstations for discrete and easily accessible cable management. Also shared leg frames, which create cost savings, an elegant height adjustment facility and, on the back-to-back sliding tops, a slot-in acrylic screen feature and the facility to mount one or two monitor arms.  This stylish range is set-off by triangular silver legs with chrome trim at the top and bottom and settable height adjustment as standard.

Prism Modular Furniture Range

specification guide


Ordered built-up. When ordering a run of Prism desking, specify one starter and then as many addon desking units as required. Alternatively, order the starter units on their own if they are to be used ree-standing.  Supplied flat pack and built on site. Note that the desking is built the right way up and that the metalwork can be completed before the
tops are put on if this is required to facilitate the IT installation.

Cable outlets:

The fixed tops feature two scallops in the back edge for routeing through cables and feeding through plugs whilst the back-to-back sliding tops offer brush-edged continuous cable access.

Vertical cable management:

Optional floor-to-desk cable management umbilical.  Includes cable segregation and cable clamps.

Horizontal cable management:

Optional hook-in, drop-down cable trays (double sided cable trays for back-to-back)
Optional cable channelling.  Power sockets can be placed in the cable trays, screwed to the underneath of the work surfaces or clamped to the back edge of the work surface
depending on the nature of the requirements.

CPU holders:

Adjustable harness for fitting to the underside of the work surface.

Modesty panels:

Optional wooden modesty panels on most shapes and sizes.


The rectangular desks have two 800mm deep leg frames and two cross rails. When shared back-to back, there are four cross rails and two 1600mm deep leg frame packs. In the case of the back-to back benching with sliding tops, use is made of three cross rails, four sliding rails, two 1600 leg frames and a central core for fitting on top of the central cross rail via key-hole slots.

Wave desks:

The wave desks are supported by an 800 and 1000mm deep leg frame connected by two cross rails and a spacer. The back-to-back wave desks have four cross rails, two spacers, a 1600mm deep leg frame and two 1000mm deep leg frames.

Double wave desks:

The double waves use two 1000mm deep leg frames with two cross rails and two spacers. To achieve a back-to-back configuration it is necessary to use two of the stand-alone double wave desks.


The workstations are supported by an 800 and 180mm deep leg frame connected by two cross rails and a spacer. The geometry of the workstations and the strength of the construction dispenses ith the need for a leg on the fifth corner. The back-to-back workstations have four cross rails, two spacers, a 1600mm deep leg frame and two 1180mm deep leg frames.

Large workstations:

All the large workstations are supported by two 800mm leg frames connected by a pair of cross rails with a 600mm deep leg frame attached to the front main rail by two return  cross rails. The back to – back versions see the 800s changed to 1600mm deep leg frames. Large workstations back-to-back with sliding tops have a similar construction with three cross rails, four sliding rails and a central core for fitting to the central cross rail.

Prism Modular Furniture Range

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