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QMP lead times for made to order lockers and Cupboards

I am writing to tell you about a change to the leadtime for madetoo rder lockers and cupboards from QMP.

In the past few months QMP has been particularly successful. Our sales at the end of the third quarter were 11% ahead of 2005. As a result, we have a particularly full order book for madetoorder lockers and cupboards.

As a consequence, our leadtime for madeto order lockers now stands at 69 weeks and for madetoorder cupboards at 57 weeks. It is likely to remain at this level through to the end of January next year. Whilst we work to shorten the leadtime through the acquisition of additional production machinery, we are making a priority of keeping in stock our 5 day delivery cupboards and lockers. For reference our main 5 day delivery items are:

Cost Saver Lockers 5 day delivery
Hazardous Substance Cupboards 5 day delivery
It is important to mention that most other popular products are unaffected by the change in lead time for made to order lockers and cupboards. This is because other products are made in other parts of our manufacturing plant. Therefore we continue to offer:
Workbenches  popular models  24 weeks
Smoking Shelters  2 weeks
Cycle Shelters  23 weeks
Walkways and Cycle Compounds  24 weeks
Bike Racks  23 weeks
I would be most grateful for your patience as we switch on additional production capacity. We envisage this becoming effective during February next year. I will write to you again at that time with an update on our progress.

In the meantime I would also be grateful if you would take the appropriate steps to pass on this information to your customers. Please update the leadtimes for QMP products stored on your computers, and explain to your customers that an upturn in sales has led to a temporary lengthening of leadtimes. Please note that should leadtimes for maketoorder lockers and cupboards lengthen further, we may reserve the right to reprice orders at 2007 prices.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your regular QMP sales contact or me.

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