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Quiet Plastic Containers then..

Merlin Industrial Products Ltd
are a Distributor for Allibert Buckhorn LTD and have been for over 12 years. With our experience and purchasing power we can offer a very competitive service for all quantities of plastic containers.

Our Telephone number is 0845 124 9955


Allibert Buckhorn UK Ltd manufactures and supplies products to conform to industrial standards and regulations. For example:

Materials and colourings comply with Directive 90/128 for suitability for contact with food.

Containers, pallets and box pallets comply with European packaging directive 94/62 CE.

UN-certified IBC’s and Tankgo for transportation of hazardous chemicals.


Allibert Buckhorn UK Ltd takes an active role in European committees and standardisation work in reusable plastic products for storage, packaging and handling. Allibert’s experience in this area enables the user to benefit from quality, high-performance
products developed for their industry.

Try one or more of our delectable plastic containers by choosing the link of your choice from those listed below;
Attached Lid Containers
Crescendo Pallet Boxes
Distribution Picking
Electro Conductive Boxes
Euroflip containers
European Standard
European Stacking
European Stack & Nest
Flooring in Plastic
Folding Containers
GeoBoxes 373 litres
GeoBoxes 260 litres
GeoBoxes 543 litres
Insulated Containers
Jumbopal Pallets
Label Holders
Nesting Containers
Odette Automotive range
Open Fronted Range
PackPal Pallets
Partitions for Containers
Shelf Storage Trays
Stacking and Nesting
Traditional Containers
Heavy Duty Folding
Stacking Containers

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