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Racksacks not rucksacks

Or, is it a rucksack for your rack? Racksacks have been around a while but still, a lot of warehouses and workshops are still using the plastic black sacks.

Black sacks v Racksacks

A typical small warehouse unit uses 6x black sacks per day to dispose of waste.

That’s 30x black sacks per week, 120x per month, and 1,440x per year. An average pack of 50x black sacks costs £9.99, so in a year you’d spend roughly £289 for 29x packs.
In contrast, to dispose of the same amount of waste, you’d only need 3x standard racksack®’s at a costof £99. That’s a saving of £190 a year – and this will only increase with the size of the facility and the amount of waste generated.
But the benefits of switching to racksack® don’t stop there!

Since 2015, the UK waste regulations have required businesses to fully segregate their waste into general and recyclables. This means you must ensure all your dry recyclable waste produce (such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass) is segregated from general waste before being put out for collection.

Heavy Duty Waste Sacks 400

The Pollution Prevention Act establishes a national objective for environmental protection: “[T]hat pollution should be prevented or reduced at the source whenever feasible.” Similarly, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act sets the order of preference for managing materials as: source reduction, reuse, recycling, and disposal.

• Choose from 18 high-quality screen print designs depending on the type of waste to be segregated e.g., general waste, mixed paper and card, plastics, etc.
• Hang and secure to end-of-aisle racking with S-hooks (included) – it only takes 30 seconds or less!
• racksack®’s ‘frog mouth’ hangs open to easily receive waste
• Use the iconic three yellow handles to dispose of waste contents

Need more information?

Recyclable Leaflet 😉