Reverso Office Furniture

Whether your clients are large, small, or medium sized businesses from either the private or public sectors, Reverso modular office furniture brings individuality, originality and comfort to the office working environment.

Reverso Office Furniture

Reverso brings individual style to your interiors

The Reverso range manufactured by Buronomic has been developed through time to bring style, practicality and comfort to the office environment. Its modular design and smart features offer a multitude of configurations adaptable to all departments in a company or organization. Modularity and customization are the two main elements of the Reverso system; a global concept of workstations, host elements, walls and integrated storage spaces that will fire your imagination.

Your creative spirit expressed

Reception areas, general offices, boardrooms and public spaces can all be created using the Reverso b. Concept. You can also add and reinvent your design by changing dimensions, shapes and colours to achieve a unique personalised environment to suit your client’s image.

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