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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

As you will be aware, the current events in Ukraine are truly devastating, and I’m sure you will join me in hoping for a swift resolution to the terrible conflict we are witnessing.

Ukraine and  Russia are  responsible for producing a large percentage of world steel, and at the current time their joint production is effectively zero, Ukraine because of the crisis and Russia because of sanctions. These combined events have led to steel becoming largely unavailable to the stockholders in the UK. In the near future, this will result in shortages and price increases as demand remains strong.

Our quote validity will remain at seven days from time of quotation, but we will need to add a disclaimer to say that we reserve the right to re-quote at the time of order due to these unprecedented circumstances. Please be aware that quotes received in the past 14 days may no need to be adjusted before we can accept them as an order

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or you require assistance with an ongoing project.

Thank you  for your continued support and business, we sincerely hope we can continue to serve your needs through these challenging times.