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Scary Robotic Women!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

EveR-2 Muse the Uncanniest Humanlike Robot Yet?
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The EveR-2 Muse, with her speech recognition, gesticulating
arms, artificial skin and lip synching, is being touted as the world’s
first “entertainer-robot.”

last fall to the delight and pleasure of Seoul, Korea, her status as a
masterful display of bleeding-edge robotics is hardly in doubt. It’s
clear that her expressiveness and character is unique. Nevertheless,
that glazed, nightmarish glare speaks for itself. I don’t need to
outline some pseudoscientific waffle about the “Uncanny Valley” to
illustrate that this young lady has the bearing and presentation of an
enbalmed corpse.

skin is made of silicon material; 60 joints in her face, neck, and
lower body enable her to demonstrate various facial expressions and
some dance moves. She is 161cm tall and weighs 60kg, average figures of
Korean women in their twenties.”

The point is, however, to nudge robotics a few inches further along
the shuffleboard of progress. It is said that one must learn to walk
before learning to run. With human-like robotics, it’s a case of first
learning to flee.

World’s first entertainer robot ‘EveR-2 Muse’ [Aving]

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