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Shopping Online just got Safer

Card fraud and identity theft

Paying for goods online is a major concern for many people. The biggest fraud type in the UK is card-not-present fraud, which cost £183.2m in 2005. This is fraud on cards used over the telephone, Internet or for mail order (APACS). With the growth in the number of online transactions, and the advances in ever more sophisticated methods of fraud, this trend is certain to continue.

The safe and secure way to shop online

There is now a way for you to shop online without exposing yourself to these risks. PayOffline’s unique payment method means that you won’t be the next victim of card fraud or identity theft when you shop online since it does not require you to enter any card or financial details online.

Only genuine merchants offer PayOffline

All the merchants providing PayOffline have been checked by us to ensure that they are genuine.

What is PayOffline

PayOffline is a new and innovative payment solution developed to enable you to buy goods and services online without credit cards and pay with cash or debit card offline.

It uses a barcode system that allows you to make over the counter payments at any participating payment outlet. PayOffline is an easy, convenient and safe method of paying for your online purchases.

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The History

PayOffline came about as a result of merging technologies, business initiatives and issues relating to the ever-increasing threat of card fraud. Also, the stellar growth of the Internet, online shopping and access to the Internet for an ever increasing proportion of the UK population. The entities involved with the creation of PayOffline collectively have many years experience of the over the counter payment business, as well as the delivery of these services.

You can now pay at any one of 17,000 outlets

Payzone offers consumers the utmost in convenient access. The payzone payment network covers the length and breadth of the UK. This means that 95% of consumers living in urban areas are within a mile of their nearest payzone outlet and 5 miles in rural areas. The payzone payment network continues to grow in both the numbers of retail outlets and the range of payment services available to consumers.

Just pay over the counter

To make a payment for your online purchase, simply;

  • Print out the PayOffline invoice when you have completed your online shopping
  • Present it at any payzone outlet before the displayed expiry date
  • payzone outlet will scan the barcode
  • Pay the amount indicated on your invoice
  • payzone outlet will issue you a receipt for your payment

Click on the link below to find your nearest payment outlet: