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Snow Plough

Designed to attach to a standard forklift truck and allow the snow to be ploughed off car parks etc.  The plough attachment can also be used as a yard scraper.  Available for next day delivery if ordered before 10am.

Snow Plough 400


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Fork pockets 150 mm x100mm with T pinch bolts
  • Left hand heavy duty concave blade (Right-hand optional)
  • Bolt on reversible rubber wear strip
  • Stand skids to ensure level scraping
  • PLOUGH 1500 mm wide as standard
  • PLOUGH 2000 mm wide (manufactured to order)

Adjustable Snow Plough

adjustable snow plough


Offering more features than our standard fixed blade snow plough, our adjustable forklift snow plough range comes with full adjustment to the blade, allowing the snow plough to sweep left, right or straight ahead.  Along with the heavy-duty steel wear strip that we provide with all our forklift snow ploughs, castors and rubber blade inserts are also  standard features with this model.

The forklift snow plough is manufactured using a heavy duty rolled steel blade, so you can be assured whatever the ploughing conditions (even frozen compacted snow), our snow plough will not let you down..

Fork Mounted Snow Plough


Fork Mounted Snow Plough

Fork Mounted Snow Plough although is potentially a seasonal attachment, this Snow Plough is invaluable when the clearing of freshly fallen or compacted snow is required to ease vehicle or pedestrian access i.e., car parks, access roads and service yards.

Also often used by our customers as yard scrapers out of the wintry months.

Standard Features:

  • Fixed left hand sweep angle – 15 degrees
  • Detachable bolted steel wear strip
  • Stand skids to ensure level scraping
  • Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to truck
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 50 mm at 683 mm centres
  • Finished fully galvanized

Optional Features:

  • Rubber blades insert


Code Weight C of G Blade Width
ISP-1 95kg 680mm 1250mm
ISP-2 118kg 730mm 1500mm
ISP-3 130kg 780mm 1800mm


  1. Position the forks to the correct distance apart to locate into fork pockets.
  2. Drive forks fully into fork pockets.
  3. Tighten thumb screws ensuring that they are adequately tightened.
  4. The attachment is now ready for use.

Lead Time: 1 week.


Plough Sale, Valid 2022. Click to download.

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